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What’s Bad About The PES 2017 Demo?

PES 2017 Demo Gets Unanimous Praise

It is rare that the demo version of a game gets unanimously good reviews. The PES 2017 Demo has done just that. Everyone, from reviewers, casual gamers and the PES community itself have been glowing in their praise of this year’s PES. Overall it is Konami’s finest work to date and the good points could be discussed for pages upon pages. However, nobody is talking about the bad points and where Konami could improve it just in time for the final release; we’re going to do that now.

Tackling and the Advantage Rule

Konami got the memo from last year’s error where the referees were ridiculously lenient. It resulted in players being able to slide tackle over and over with little repercussions. This year, for the most part, it has been resolved. Players now get booked at an appropriate rate and there are even straight red cards. Sometimes these red cards aren’t deserved but that adds to the beauty of the randomness that is PES. The problem is that slide tackles are often called up for fouls when they perhaps shouldn’t be. This isn’t too big of a deal but it does slow the game down. In addition to this fouls where there should be an advantage played are all too frequently stopped for a free kick. This is a problem for two reasons; 1) it slows the game down and 2) it sometimes stops an opportunity to counter.

Speed and Acceleration

Speed and acceleration are too very different elements of football. However, the PES 2017 Demo doesn’t necessarily take into account these differences. A player such as Sanchez who should have a very quick initial burst (highly rated acceleration) feels similar to players that aren’t as quick off the mark. Conversely a player like Walcott who has excellent top speed often gets caught by players from behind. More of an effort needs to be made to differentiate between these aspects. This would only add to the realism of PES whereby it would encourage players to stand still with the ball, as it often the case in real games, in order to use the acceleration of some players. It would also make players more aware of who they are trying to dribble with and use on the counter.

The Pitch on Rainy Conditions

We’re really scraping the barrel for criticisms now. If the conditions are set to rainy and the grass length short then the ball should be harder to control and fly off the pitch with greater ease. However, it almost feels like the ball gets caught up and slows down toward the end of the pass. This would be understandable on dry conditions with long grass or even very rainy conditions.

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