PES 2016 - Patch

What to Expect from the First PES 2016 Patch


PES has been released worldwide for a month now. It has received glowing reviews from all media outlets, and deservedly so. That being said football gamers are a fussy breed and are already demanding improvements. Here is what we can expect, and hope, will be changed in the next patch.


One of the things PES 2015 did exceptionally well was refereeing. It had the perfect balance of realism, randomness and most importantly the decisions were generally correct. Unfortunately PES 2016 is currently falling short in this department. Sure the red cards are still forthcoming for blatant hacks through on goal but going through the back of someone, even semi-deliberately, does not result in a red, ever. On top of this too many yellow card challenges go unpunished. This allows players to exploit the system, breaking up the play at every chance they get without fear of punishment. This fix is imperative.

Remedy: implement the PES 2015 refereeing system.


Not too much detail to give on this one. Goalkeepers aren’t up to the standard they need to be. This is creating abnormally high scoring games and frustration in the PES community. The problem is amplified in myClub where it feels the default goalkeeper is essentially redundant as any and all shots fly past him.

Remedy: increase goalkeeper stats – some users on Twitter have referenced the PES 2016 DEMO as the level they should be.

Free Kicks/Corners:

In general free kicks are pleasing and exciting. However, if you have learnt the perfect method to score it can be exploited. The same applies to corners, it often feels like you are helpless when defending a corner.

Remedy: patch the system so the free kick can’t be scored over and over. Reward variation in free kicks.


The elite forwards of the game currently have the ability to walk through defenders at times. Whilst we are all for Aguero, Messi and Zlatan having greater abilities than others it is incredibly frustrating to have them walk through the last defender; this is even more infuriating on myClub where there is zero chance of the goalkeeper making a save.

Remedy: make the defenders intercept the ball when a striker goes straight through them!

Loading times:

There must be a way to make the pages load quicker in between menu screens. There doesn’t need to be “establishing communications” going from game plan to the myClub main menu.

The first gameplay patch, along with the data pack of the updated rosters, will be released on 29/10.

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