What we Need in eFootball 2022 Creative Team Mode

There won’t be a new myClub in eFootball 2022 at launch. Thankfully though, a ‘Team Building Mode” is coming in the Autumn, Konami have confirmed.

This mode in recent PES games has been called myClub. The latest information suggests the new version will be called “Creative Team”.

Building your own team has proved a popular concept in not only PES games but in FIFA too with Ultimate Team. Consequently, it will come as no surprise it will feature in eFootball 2022.

myClub was incredibly popular among PES fans but it did have its flaws. With years of iterations under Konami’s belt, we can hope, and perhaps expect, the eFootball edition to be the best yet.

Here’s how Konami can make their new Team Building Mode the best yet.

Loading Times

Anyone who has played myClub before will know how frustrating it is moving between screens. If you want to go from the home screen to team management you better be prepared to wait several seconds.

The message displayed is “establishing communications” which suggests it’s an online connectivity delay, rather than the game itself. Unfortunately this means that even on your shiny new PS5 or Xbox Series X it may still be bottlenecked by Konami’s servers.

This issue has been present for several years. Hopefully a new game means a rework in server communication.

Transfer Market

A lot of FIFA Ultimate Team’s success can be attributed to their transfer market. It seems a lot of players spend more time setting up their team than actually playing!

Konami have never implemented their own, instead using ‘Agents’ to sign random players. Of course, this randomness is good in some ways but other times is annoying. Sometimes a player just wants to save up and buy the exact player they want.

It would be a big step to add a transfer market and it would be dependent on having enough people play the mode.

There is one positive to having random agents though, and that’s not everyone ends up with the same player. Unfortunately, with the use of Special Agents a lot of myClub teams did end up looking similar.

Team Spirit

Team Spirit is a similar concept to Team Chemistry in FIFA Ultimate Team. Bluntly put it didn’t work as well.

Team Spirit could simply be improved by playing games together. The problem with this was you could have any 11 and eventually make them gel.

In real life this wouldn’t happen. There are egos and play-styles to consider. For example, we don’t imagine Messi and Ronaldo mixing that well.

Each player should have certain play-style attributes which only result in a good team spirit when matching with others. Playing at the same real life club/country could also be another factor to grant good team spirit.

Simply put, a perfect team spirit was too easy to achieve. This meant every team would eventually get to 99 TS and with relative ease.

Limit ‘Black Ball’ Players

We’ve all been there, trying to play with different lower level players to come across arguably the world’s best 11. This would be fine, occasionally, but it happens all too frequently.

Firstly, that means it should be harder to attain that best 11 and secondly it could be argued there should be player limits.

There will be many who disagree because many players goal is to get that ultimate 11. This does clash with players who want to play with different levels of players, however.

It’s a tricky conundrum for Konami to deal with but stricter matchmaking or even specific eFootball myClub leagues could both be resolutions.

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