What we Know About eFootball 2022 Creative Team

There will be a PES myClub equivalent coming to eFootball 2022. It won’t be called myClub, though.

It will be called Creative Team, based on information from the Konami website. The Road Map images still say “Name TBC” but it appears other areas of the website have been updated to show it will indeed be called Creative Team.

Creative Team Release Date

Creative Team won’t be available when eFootball 2022 first releases. It will come in the following scheduled big update.

Unfortunately we don’t have an announced date but the imagery on the Konami website suggests it will be Thursday November 11.

What is Creative Team?

Many PES fans will be familiar with the concept of myClub and it looks like Creative Team will be similar.

You will manage a team where you can build a squad of your choice. To begin with you’ll start with a basic squad. These players are made up and unsurprisingly have very low ratings.

In myClub players are primarily purchased with Agents, which means they are somewhat random. It appears Creative Team will be different whereby you can “target the signings you covet the most“.

Match Pass

The Creative Team Match Pass will grant you some form of reward in every match played.

There will be an “Advantage Match Pass” too. This will grant you more items but will cost eFootball coins to obtain.

These types of passes are seen in various games including the likes of popular games such as Fortnite, PUBG and Warzone.


There are also rewards available for completing objectives. These are broken up into standard, weekly and campaign objectives.

Much like the Match Pass, you can use eFootball coins to purchase Premium Objectives which will grant superior rewards.

Signing Players – Contracts

While little is known about signing players at this point, there will be something called contracts.

There are two types of contract in eFootball 2022 Creative Team:

  • Chance deal – sign a random player from a pool of players (depending on the deal)
  • Nominating contract – sign a specific player from a specific pool of players

How this will play out when Creative Team goes live is unknown. Hopefully it will play slightly differently to PES myClub whereby all teams don’t end up being the same.

Player Types

There are four player types in eFootball Creative Team:

  • Standard – rated on performance during current season
  • Trending – rated based on a specific match or week
  • Featured – highlighted player based on performance during current season
  • Legendary – rated based on a specific season (includes retired players)

All of these players can be developed other than Trending. Presumably this means their rating can be increased and their style of play changed somewhat.

Based on the ways to obtain each of these it certainly looks like players purchasing eFootball coins will have an advantage.

Chance deals can be used to purchase all of these player types with the exception once again being Trending. A Nominating contract is the only way to sign a Trending player.

Outside of a Chance deal, Featured and Legendary players will cost real money or require eFootball points. It isn’t 100% clear but these should be obtainable by playing.

Overall it looks like eFootball 2022 Creative Team will be run similarly to PES myClub. Let’s hope it keeps the good part of myClub and improves upon the frustrating elements.

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