What in PES myClub Needs To Be Improved

Player to Player Transfers:

Part of the enjoyment in competing against other users’ fantasy teams is the transfer aspect between players. Auctioning, or simply selling off, your players should be part of the game. Currently selling even top players’ results in a very stingy amount of GP – 10 game contracts cost more than you can sell them for! Player to player transfers would add the element of predicting player statistics ahead of time and would reward users when their players do well in real life. This isn’t suggesting the top players are too common because Konami have sensibly controlled that aspect but having a finite number of each player would really round off the myClub mode nicely.

Random Signings:

At first, buying players through agents seemed an unnecessary feature. However, since then it has grown on us. Combining the agents to increase the chance of getting a higher rated player is a nice touch as well. There has been a lot moaning on Twitter about the irregularity of which agents will give you top players, even the expensive agents, but we like this as it keeps the teams random; nobody wants world XIs throughout myClub.

It would be good if myClub could facilitate an option to buy specific players, perhaps at a premium. As mentioned before it would be good if the number of each player available was reflected in their price, i.e. if everybody had Isco then the remaining would be more expensive.

Team Spirit:

The introduction of team spirit has made users more conscious of the team they are selecting. No longer can you blindly select 11 players and expect them to gel. Making sure your players share the same philosophy as your manager has now become paramount. If your manager likes to play the long ball and/or go from wide and the players you select are the opposite of that, this will be reflected in your team spirit and therefore in results on the pitch.

Whilst this feature is a welcome addition it does seem overplayed at times. Playing teams with a significantly higher team spirit than your own with a similar strength rating invariably ends up in a frustrating loss. Elite players such as Yaya Toure will misplace the most simple of passes or even get easily shrugged off the ball just because the other team’s team spirit is high. Agreed, it would be reasonable for a high team spirit to make that team’s players perform better but it shouldn’t decrease the other team’s player’s abilities.

Also, rather than a team being affected as a whole it would be a nice feature to have player to player team spirit, dare we say it similar to Ultimate Team. For example, Ronaldo and Messi would have little, whereas Rooney and Gerrard would have plenty.

Given this is a brand new mode, the fact we have only selected three categories for Konami to improve myClub on speaks volumes about how much potential it has. In addition to this we found no need to mention the gameplay other than the brief mention of team spirit. It really does replicate a game of real football where thought and tactics are more important than player stats and learning the in-game glitches.

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