Want To Write For PESmyClub?

Do you want to write for PESmyClub?

Big Pro Evolution Soccer fan who is articulate and has a tonne of opinions? Get in contact now and you can express those views on pesmyclub.com by writing articles.

Whether it is strategy, suggesting improvements or general PES discussion you can share what you’re thinking here. We provide you with the chance to gain some notoriety, as anything you write will have your name and social media accounts attached to it (if you want them to be) and the platform to do so. In return we ask the articles you write are concise and articulate; whilst they can be opinionated we do request they be unbiased and for those opinions to be expressed professionally.

If interested please get in contact through Twitter or Facebook. If you are able to provide an example of previous written work that will help the process along.

If you want to share a one time article about whatever Pro Evolution Soccer, then use the form below. If the article is well written and makes some good points we will give it its own post on the website.

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