Scout Combinations in myClub PES 2017

Scout Combinations – The Basics

Here we will provide a list of various scout combinations that will allow you to get the most sought after players in myClub PES 2017. For all of these scout combinations you can assume each scout will need to be the same grade (stars) as the desired player. However, if for example, you are seeking a gold ball player you could combine a 3 star, 4 star and 5 star scout which would average out to a 4 star scout. Do remember that any combination of scouts will always round down though. Below we list the most desired players by ball colour. Each combination attempts to combine the scouts which can be obtained cheapest. Therefore, where possible, scouts like a 5 star Barcelona are avoided.

Scout Combinations – Player Table
Scout Combinations myClub - Kaka Scout Combinations myClub - Messi

Need to Learn More About Scouts?

If you need to learn more about myClub scouts and the auction itself then you can check our guide here:

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