Are Real Madrid Ruining PES 2015?

PES 2015 is a spectacular game; few unbiased fans would argue that. There is a recurring complaint though – Real Madrid are overpowered.

Here are just a few PES fans on Twitter who have expresses their annoyance:

We hear about it in the community, on Twitter and can see for ourselves whilst playing. No doubt at all that it is true, after a while it becomes very frustrating. Without speaking for the PES community as a whole, we believe the issue isn’t with Real Madrid having spectacular stats but more to do with the reward players get for playing quite frankly poor unattractive football. The actual statistics aren’t the problem. Real Madrid’s are FW: 94 MF: 84 and DF: 85 – to put that in perspective Barcelona’s are FW: 94 MF: 85 and DF: 81 and Bayern Munich’s are FW: 89 MF: 87 and DF: 89; it is the silly individual moments and how Real Madrid as a team are able to do what other elite teams can’t…

Think of it like this, you’re playing online with Arsenal and sure enough when you find a game it’s Real Madrid. No problem, this was fully expected anyway. The game starts and immediately you can tell you’re the better player, they have nothing but the long ball to Ronaldo. Some nice passages of play and a few shots but you’re still 0-0. You know what’s going to happen before it even does, the long ball gets played and Koscielny misses it, fortunately the lightning fast Mertesacker is still goal side, you stand off and wait for him to give a sight of the ball, it appears, you put in a tackle and that’s when Ronaldo walks through it and smashes it bottom corner. The really frustrating part is even if it had been Boateng or Pique the same result would have occurred. This is just the first infuriating element of Real Madrid. If you are one of the few that have the ability to contain Ronaldo then credit to you, not that it’ll matter because one of the other 10 superstars will get you. Bale and Benzema are both nearly as deadly.

The optimum strategy to combat Real Madrid seems to be remain composed and build up the play slowly which in turn will hopefully frustrate your opponent. However, unfortunately it seems having an overpowered 11 isn’t enough as they are able to press harder, faster and more importantly for longer the whole game, making your only strategy that much more difficult. Teams like Barcelona and Bayern Munich whilst coming close in terms of players for some reason don’t have this innate ability to hunt the ball down.

Agreed Real Madrid are destroyers in real life but this is achieved through good football. Just selecting Real Madrid shouldn’t give you the right to win. Indeed make Real Madrid superior to the rest, just not by the ridiculous margin they are at the moment. To finish on a positive though, it was an excellent decision to change the competition regulations so only one of each team can qualify – well played Konami. It is very amusing to see those who are oblivious to this pick Real Madrid along with the 30 other players who do so!

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