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Do Player Records Encourage the Use of Elite Teams?

There are two types of PES players. The type who have no shame when it comes to being Real Madrid, Barcelona, etc and the type who will flat out refuse to be either regardless of circumstance. As frustrating as it may be for those who don’t want to play games with Real Madrid, the reality is that the players that do are entitled to do so. It is up to Konami to introduce a feature that allows players who wish to play with Tottenham, Ghana and Australia the opportunity to do so without risking playing an often overpowered Real Madrid. Alternatively they could change what is displayed within the player records to offer deterrence. These changes are discussed below.

Points in Online Divisions:

Part of the reason why so many do opt to play with the best teams on a consistent basis could be the lack of incentive to not. Currently the point differential on online divisions (the amount of points you can obtain for winning a match) is fairly minimal considering the difference in the quality of teams. For example winning a game with Real Madrid will garner you 300 points whereas playing with Marseille will only garner you 400 points. Even worse a team like Jamaica might only get you a maximum of 500. It would be good for this to change in PES 2017 whereby winning with the elite teams will get you minimal points.

Team Choice Records:

Another reason why so few players will choose a variety of teams is that the historical records don’t show what teams an individual has been past 5 games previous. Somebody may have been Real Madrid for 200 games straight, yet if they have selected Sweden for the past 5 games that is the only information that will be seen. This needs to be changed so that not only is there a longer record of what teams an individual has been but actually a percentage breakdown. For example if someone has been Real Madrid for 100 games, Barcelona for 50, Juventus for 30, Everton for 10 and Ireland for 10 then in the player records section it should actually say:

(User name) Team Breakdown:

  • Real Madrid: 50%
  • Barcelona: 25%
  • Juventus: 15%
  • Everton: 5%
  • Ireland: 5%

This will make players think twice when selecting an elite team all the time knowing that it will be on their record. It is well known in the PES community that players who are constantly Real Madrid do receive less respect than players who may have a slightly poorer record but are consistently average to poor teams. This is what the current player records looks like:

Player Records Statistics

The above player is an excellent example of someone who has a good record but appears to abuse the best teams. The screenshot below is an example of someone who also has a very good record but the evidence suggests they have done so with poorer teams. More information to prove this beyond doubt would go a long way to discouraging players abusing the best teams.

Player Records Statistics

In addition to this change in statistics, it would be great if further averages and other statistics were included. Some of these should be:

  • Percentage breakdown of scores (i.e. how often a player has a 0-0)
  • Average possession
  • Averages shots/shots on target
  • Average bookings

This should be on top of the player records that are already included which are very interesting.

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