Player Ratings – Top 25 – PES 2015

Courtesy of Prorevo Blog we now know the ratings for the top 25 players on PES 2015. This information comes from the PC version. Whether these ratings will be changed before the full release is open to debate. As you can see from the table they do differ from the demo.

Messi and Ronaldo are both rated 95, which is probably fair, but it’s interesting that Messi is now the number 1 rated player. Ibrahimovic has surged up to the number 3 spot, few people will have a problem with this and it suggests the demo was solely based on the teams that were on there. Robben remains extremely well rated with an overall rating of 91, definitely generous but to suggest he is not in the top 5 players in the world is up for debate.

Other notable points include Bale and Suarez being number 9 and 12 respectively. A harsh decision if we ever saw one. Van Persie, Ramos, Toure and Neuer are all very questionable choices to put ahead of them. Keeping with the theme of players who have had harsh treatment in the ratings, Neymar. Despite being considered one of the worlds’ best he is ranked at a meager 21st with players such as Buffon, Rooney, Mata and Lahm ahead of him. On the other side of the coin we have Cavani, Van Persie and Toure who have been over-rated.

A couple of other factors worth raising are the closeness at which these top 25 are rated. Taking the top 5 out of the equation there are only two points between number 6, rated 90, and number 23, rated 88 (how Melo is 23 we’ll never know). It would also be interesting to get a thorough breakdown of what technical, speed and physique entail because looking at the table there are some bizarre ratings for those attributes to say the least!

Do you agree with these ratings?

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