An Introduction To PES myClub

Konami’s apparent attempt at Ultimate Team, myClub, is just that, apparent. Both modes incorporate micro-transactions and share the same end goal of building the ultimate team, excuse us for sounding pro FIFA. The clear similarities end there though. Ultimate Team is more of a play games, earn coins, buy the exact player you want until you have your dream team. Konami seem to have acknowledged that is almost a little too blunt of a game and have gone about similar principles but in a more challenging varied way.

When starting myClub it quickly becomes apparent that there is a lot of emphasis on building a team rather than 11 individuals. Before you do anything else you essentially have to commit to a formation (for 10 games) via your choice of manager. You are then required to specify what nationality your players will be in the knowledge this is the country you will ideally need to build your team around. At this point your first squad has been created along with the formation you have signed your life away to. We strongly recommend before doing anything else you go through your team looking for player compatibility, which is shown on the heat map, and maximise your team rating by making sure no highly rated players are sitting on the bench, or worse not in the squad! This initial setting up stage will either keep you satisfied that thought and work is required before playing or frustrate depending on whether you are the strategic type or the type of person that just wants to start and go straight into a game.

The next step is to sign your first player via an agent. The main points regarding agents are the position of the player they will search for and the agents skill level, the more skilled they are the greater the chance of signing a highly rated player. Part of the introduction process of myClub is to sign your first player, once you have selected your agent the below screen will appear to which you’ll need to hope you will land on a gold ball or even better a black one. Take note this player will not automatically be put into the squad. You will have to do this manually by registering the player in place of one of your current ones.

From this point you’re on your own…

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