PES myClub – What We Now Know – Full Details

PES myClub is essentially Master League Online but with more detail and more interaction. Courtesy of WinningElevenBlog we now have more revealed about PES myClub.

Similar to Master League from previous versions of PES you will need to select a team to base your team on. It seems Konami have taken note of the annoyance that is not being able to change the team details when using officially licensed clubs as you are now able to do so. Another thing that stays the same is contracts, all your players will require one which means you’ll have to be aware of this when maintaining your clubs’ finances.

Different to Master League, and as discussed in earlier articles, the next step is to select a manager. This decision will determine how you’re team are able to play and more specifically what formation. This will be an important decision because if you choose to shut up shop and you have selected an attacking manager your team won’t be able to cope with this strategy. Additionally, your type of manager may impact the players that will be effective in your team. Managers will have specific attributes and the more these attributes match with a players the better fit they’ll be for the team.

myClub Manager Player Links

Another difference is you will need to base your team on a particular nationality; this change seems very sensible on Konami’s behalf as it will vary the players/teams you come across whilst playing and more crucially stop teams from overkill with Neymar, Bale, etc. Sticking with them theme of differences from last year, agents are required to sign players. The more you pay for the agents, and the more you employ, the greater chance you will have of signing a particular player. There will be no prizes for realising to sign the best players on the game you will have to have the best agents.

Taking a page out of the Ultimate Team playbook, Konami have introduced team chemistry in the form of team spirit; this has a numerical value attached to it, the closer to 99 this is the better your team will work together. myClub also shows you which areas of the pitch you have the most chemistry on via heat map. This is good to see as it will put greater emphasis on making logical footballing decisions and make players refrain from purchasing the best 11 players on the game. Ronaldo and Messi together to have 0 chemistry anyone?

myClub Spirit

Money, which is known as myClub Coins, can be earned through unlocking achievements such as signing your first player and winning matches. They can also be bought with real money via the myClub store on the myClub main menu.

No ground breaking news but interesting updates and confirmations nonetheless. The key to this year being successful will be stopping overkill teams, putting more reliance on tactics and obviously stopping the lag cheating. From what we’ve seen so far it looks like Konami have made an excellent start.

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