PES myClub Black Balls – Are They Harder to Get?

PES myClub Black Balls – Less Likely in PES 2017?

The straight answer is yes, it is harder to get PES myClub black balls in PES 2017. When looking at the bigger picture however, there is little to no difference between PES 2015/2016 and PES 2017. In fact, on PES 2017, it is actually easier to get the equivalent PES 2017 black ball compared to PES 2016.

Debunking the Black Ball Myth

A lot of PES fans have expressed their discontent with the lack of black balls they’re receiving. Whilst players are no doubt receiving far less black balls in PES 2017 the frustration isn’t warranted. The key to all of this is the overall rating of the players within a black ball has changed this year. In previous versions of myClub a black ball consisted of a player rated 80 or higher. Conversely, in PES 2017 myClub it is now 85 or higher. Gold balls are now harder to get also, they now include players with the overall rating of 80 to 84. Essentially this means the black balls on previous versions of myClub are now the equivalent of a black or gold ball on myClub 2017.

As we can see on PES 2015 there was a 14.6% chance of a black ball from a top agent, PES 2016 was similar. If we add up the chance of a black or gold ball on PES 2017 (the equivalent of a black ball on PES 2015) then there is a 16.3% of getting one. Therefore it is actually more likely to get a player rated 80 or higher on PES 2017. This applies to the top agents.

myClub Agents

PES myClub Black Balls - Top Agent

What About Special Agents?

It is hard to compare special agents between now and older versions of PES as they tend to be unique. However, given the distribution of the top rated players within the game there is no reason why the chance of receiving a top player won’t be similar. The regularity of special agents which allow a 100% chance of a black ball, or a gold/black ball in PES 2017 terms, is completely at the discretion of Konami.

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