PES Lag Cheaters

We have found from personal experience playing PES, that the PES cheaters, specifically people making the game lag out when they are losing, ruin the game. As a result it is a key focus of ours to eliminate this from Pro Evolution Soccer entirely. Any time this happens to you let us know so we can record it.

To help you identify cheaters and so we have a record to raise awareness for Konami we have two online cheater lists. A list which is accompanied by evidence of the cheating (a video) and a list where no evidence was provided. Please note we are no longer accepting reports of cheaters where you don’t provide evidence, a video of the cheating is now compulsory and we will ignore any reports that don’t have evidence.

 List – With Evidence  List – No Evidence

Lag Cheat Story

Here is an article sharing a story of just one of the many PES players who have been cheated:

Stop the cheaters


Konami are now dealing with lag cheaters directly. Please follow the instructions on the page below when reporting a lag cheater.

 Report a cheater here