PES 2019 myClub More Details Announced

The PES 2019 full reveal came over two months ago now. Whilst we know PES 2019 myClub was an inevitability details up until now remained sparse. The PES 2019 World Tour Finals brought about new PES 2019 myClub information. We discuss these announced features here.

PES 2019 myClub – Featured Players

The new featured players element of myClub has already been alluded to. Players who perform well on a particular week in their respective leagues will receive a stats boost. On top of this they may even acquire new skills. These will be reflected in weekly featured players obtainable in PES 2019 myClub. Konami seem to be pushing this as the biggest addition to this year’s myClub. It follows a similar principle that FIFA Ultimate Team utilises. The idea of this addition has thus far received positive feedback.

PES 2019 myClub – Legend Players

The list of legend players included in PES 2019 is ever growing. Currently the list includes the likes of Ronaldinho Gaucho, Diego Maradona, David Beckham, Luis Figo and Roberto Carlos. Konami have also stated new legends will be introduced later.

PES 2019 myClub – Special Agent Costs

PES 2018 saw Top Agents and Special Agents cost 10,000 GP or 250 myClub coins. Top Agents on some weeks were reduced to 100 myClub coins. These prices are being changed for PES 2019. The cost to sign one player will now be 100 myClub coins. There is also a discount when buying in bulk; three players will cost 250 myClub coins. Konami have said it will still be possible to buy some agents with GP. We assume this will be for 10,000 GP again. This change in pricing will encourage PES fans to purchase myClub coins as opposed to just saving GP. It will be interesting to see how this change plays out because if PES fans do increase their myClub coin expenditure then this could result in universally strong myClub teams across the game.

PES 2019 myClub – Trade System

PES fans have been clamoring for a transfer system in myClub for a while now. Whilst this isn’t the transfer system desired the new trade system may be a good consolation prize. PES 2019 myClub will allow you to sign duplicate players. Previously a player you already had was removed from the pool of players you could sign. Moreover, possessing three duplicates will enable you to trade him with a player of the same rarity.

PES 2019 myClub – Flexibility

myClub in PES 2019 is gearing up to be the most flexible to date. Firstly, there is no need to expand player slots as this has been moved to 1,000. 1,000 players should give you enough flexibility within your (multiple) myClub squad(s)! There is also an addition of skill trainers and position trainers. They respectively allow players to learn new skills and become able to play in a new position.

PES 2019 myClub – Summary

In our “PES 2019 myClub Improvements Needed?” article we outlined where we thought myClub could be improved. As it stands only one of these have been implemented to any degree. That is greater flexibility has been given to trading players which at least goes some way to a transfer market. Perhaps one of the most requested additions to this year’s myClub has been to be given complete flexibility in formations and tactics. It appears that this won’t be included. However, Konami have stated that manager lists will be updated more often which should give you the formation/tactics you desire. This would likely mean that you will have to enter a game with a specified manager and not be able to change it once matched up. We also suggested a “myClub Leagues” system which would allow teams of equal strength to be pitted against each other. This would stop players who want to use weaker teams being matched up against world XIs. This is a feature that doesn’t look like has been included in PES 2019 myClub. Finally, myClub loading times haven’t been addressed either. The loading in-between screens is poor for a modern game. PES games from the PS2 era load faster! We understand that it’s slower because information is being downloaded from a server but nonetheless the current speed isn’t acceptable.


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