PES 2019 E3 Round Up Details

PES 2019 E3 has come and gone which means PES 2019 is starting to take shape. E3, along with the initial reveal and other snippets of PES 2019 announcements, makes up what we know about PES 2019 so far. Here we round up all the PES 2019 and specifically PES 2019 E3 information.

PES 2019 – The Main Bits

Before we round up the greater details of PES 2019, here are the main parts of PES 2019:

  • Release date – NA: 28/08 EU 30/08
  • 4K and HDR enabled
  • To be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One – NOT Xbox 360 or PS3

7 major leagues were also announced a couple of weeks after the initial PES 2019 reveal.

Since then it has been announced that Konami and Dortmund have ended their partnership. It was also announced shortly after the Schalke 04 will become a PES partner club for PES 2019.

PES 2019 E3 Information

With the main PES 2019 information out of the way we can look at the more detailed aspects of PES 2019. This includes gameplay, changes to modes and other information surrounding PES 2019.

PES 2019 Gameplay

PES 2019 gameplay was showcased for the first time at PES 2019 E3. We won’t go into too much detail as the build will change between now and the release. The PES 2019 gameplay resembles previous PES games, specifically PES 2018. When new PES games come out, for the most part they look like refined versions of the previous edition. Whether you think PES 2019 is an improvement is opinion. However, what we do know is that PES 2019 has introduced 11 new skill moves. This brings the total amount of skill moves to 39 which of course will result in greater player individuality. Another new introduction to PES 2019 is player fatigue. This will cause a noticeable decrease in performance, and even injury, to players who have exhausted their stamina. Furthermore there are also the introduction of new weather effects. Snow is back by popular demand and this weather type along with others will affect how the game plays out. Strategies will have to be adjusted accordingly. Finally, there is a new quick sub feature. As the name suggests this allows you to make quick substitutions during the game.

PES 2019 Quick Subs

PES 2019 Modes

Pro Evolution Soccer’s flagship modes, myClub and Master League, are both receiving changes for PES 2019.


Konami have said myClub for PES 2019 has been completely overhauled. It has been announced high performance, or “featured”, players have been added. These players represent rare in-form players who have stat increases. The way players are purchased have also been changed. Spinning balls will be a thing of the past and instead player packs will be introduced. More information was given from Andre Bronzoni, PES brand manager in America. He stated, “MyClub will no longer have the black ball system to find legendary players, etc. It will no longer be a system of” luck “will be a direct acquisition with agents, but that still can not be revealed more details.” (This has been translated). This suggests PES and myClub fans who are frustrated with the luck element of myClub will get greater control of their team.

Master League

Master League will see the following improvements:

  • Pre-season tournaments
  • Improved and more realistic negotiation for transfers
  • More licensed leagues

PES 2019 Demo

The yearly PES demo has yet to make an appearance on PC. This will be different though. It has been confirmed that the PES 2019 demo will definitely be available on PC, as well as Xbox One and PS4. The PES 2019 demo release time will be announced at the PES League World Tour Finals on 21st July.


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