PES 2018 World Tour Roundup

PES 2018 World Tour

From the 21st June all the way through to 30th June the PES community and press will be able to try PES 2018 for themselves. This will include being able to capture PES 2018 gameplay. We are in the middle of the PES 2018 world tour now with the stops at Barcelona and Liverpool already complete. The praise PES 2018 received at E3 was close to unanimous and it appears the positive feedback has only continued in the PES 2018 world tour. We are going to roundup the best screenshots, gameplay, reviews and anything else of interest from the PES 2018 world tour.

PES 2018 Gameplay

Courtesy of PESFCPlay (@PESFCPlay). Full HD 60FPS full match gameplay from PES 2018:

We offer a brief review of the PES 2018 gameplay here:

Here are a selection of GIFS, courtesy of Kurosaki Carlos (@KurosakiCarlos2), that really highlight the new animations and capabilities of PES 2018:

PES 2018 Faces

Here are lots of PES 2018 faces from Barcelona, Dortmund, Liverpool, Atletico Madrid and Brazil. These come courtesy of PESEP (@PESEP14) and PES Universe (@PESUniverse).

PES 2018 Screenshots

Here is the PES 2018 main menu. Screenshots come from PES Universe (@PESUniverse).

PES 2018 Main Menu

Here is a screenshot from PESEP (@PESEP14) highlighting the fact there is now a next player indicator in PES 2018.

PES 2018 Next Player Indicator

Daniel Sturridge looking incredibly life like after scoring a Hat-trick. These images come courtesy of Torres Img (@Pes2016Rod).

PES 2018 Hattrick PES 2018 Sturridge

PES 2018 Tweets

PES 2018 Tweet

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