PES 2018 Shooting Ratings – Top 10 Players

PES 2018 Top Players

The full release of PES 2018 is just days away now. We’re going to go through each of the top 10 players by the main attributes. These will include passing, shooting, physicality, defence, speed and dribbling. We will also discuss how accurate we believe these ratings are. Our second attribute will be the top PES 2018 shooting players.

PES 2018 Shooting – Top 10

Here are the current top 10 rated shooters in PES 2018. These can be subject to change throughout the season.

Player Club Overall Rating Shooting Rating
Diego Maradona myClub 97 96
Lionel Messi Barcelona 94 95
Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 94 95
Luis Suarez Barcelona 92 95
Gonzalo Higuain Juventus 89 94
Ian Rush myClub 86 94
Robert Lewandowski Free Agent 91 92
Zlatan Ibrahimovic Man Utd 92 90
Romelu Lukaku Man Utd 87 90
Thomas Muller Free Agent 86 90

Source: PES Master

Are the PES 2018 Shooting Ratings Correct?

The top shooters on PES 2018 seem fair. Naturally Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo top the charts, and rightfully so. Players renowned for their shooting ability such as Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero and Karim Benzema are only just outside the top 10 so there are no problems there. One stand out player that had a poor shooting rating was Chelsea’ Willian with a harsh 76.

Ian Rush

The Liverpool legend is tied 5th on the game for his shooting stats. Realistically this is overpowered but being this was his main strength and that he is going to be a legend on myClub a high shooting stat was probably necessary.

Diego Maradona

Having Diego Maradona with higher shooting stats than Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo is a little disrespectful to the two greatest goalscorers in football history. Maradona also has 99 dribbling compared to Messi’s 96. It is clear Konami are going out their way to make Maradona the best player on the game. In our opinion his passing (92), shooting (96) and dribbling (99) should all be slightly decreased. His physicality (78) and speed (82) has justification to be increased however.

PES 2018 Passing Stats

You can find PES 2018’s top 10 passing players here:


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