PES 2018 Screenshots

PES 2018 Screenshots Released

Here are a selection of PES 2018 screenshots that are circulating. More PES 2018 information to come at the official E3 PES 2018 presentation later.

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PES 2018 NeymarPES 2018 Neymar 
PES 2018 Liverpool DortmundPES 2018 Liverpool Dortmund 
PES 2018 Dortmund AtleticoPES 2018 Dortmund Atletico 
PES 2018 Free KickPES 2018 Free Kick 
PES 2018 3v3 Co-opPES 2018 3v3 
PES 2018 In Match StatisticsPES 2018 Match Statistics 
PES 2018 Game PlanPES 2018 Game Plan 
PES 2018 FormationPES 2018 Formation 
PES 2018 Co-op ProfilePES 2018 Co-op 
PES 2018 Co-op Statistics Post MatchPES 2018 Co-op Stats 
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Takeaways from These PES 2018 Screenshots


Screenshots don’t always reflect in game graphics but if these screenshots are any indication whatsoever then PES 2018 is going to be visually stunning.

3v3 Co-op Mode

A new Co-op mode features heavily in the PES 2018 E3 trailer and has been discussed for a while now. These screenshots show post match statistics will be given separately for each player. Furthermore, each Co-op player will have their own profile. This profile will show your Co-op level, number of followers, courtesy rating, number of matches, your Co-op playing style and your Co-op playing skills. The Co-op playing skills will include the following:

  • Low passer
  • Crosser
  • Tireless dribbler
  • Passing outlet
  • Wide runner
  • Offside trapper
  • Link player
  • Stifler
  • Man marker

It isn’t clear right now whether these are the only 9 playing skills or whether there will be several more.

In Game (Match) Statistics

One screenshot shows a pop up of how many passes have been made. This appears during a match before a free kick is being taken. It’s likely this is a new feature across the board where various statistics will be used during breaks in play.

More PES 2018 Details

PES 2018 details are coming thick and fast, even before the PES 2018 E3 presentation. Here is the latest PES 2018 news which includes Diego Maradona, Usain Bolt and a PES 2018 Online Beta:

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