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PES 2018 Scout Combinations

The best way to get a specific player in myClub is using specific PES 2018 scout combinations. As opposed to using Top and Special Agents, scouts allow you to hone in on an individual or small group of players. Scouts can obtained in two places within myClub. The simplest way to get a scout is to just play myClub Divisions matches. You will often be given a scout at the end of the match just for completing it! The second way is via the myClub Auction House. As the name suggests you bid on specific scouts against other myClub users. Naturally the highest bidder wins the scout.

Scout Grades

The strength of the myClub scouts is determined by the number of stars that scout is. This ranges from 1 Star to 5 Star with the latter naturally garnering better players. Each of these scouts allow the following players to be acquired:

  • 1 Star: White ball – 40-69
  • 2 Star: Bronze Ball – 70-74
  • 3 Star: Silver Ball – 75-79
  • 4 Star: Gold Ball – 80-84
  • 5 Star: Black Ball – 85+

It is important to note that a 1 Star Scout can only produce a White Ball player. On the other hand a Black Ball Scout can provide anything from a White Ball through to a Black Ball, not just a Black Ball player. For example, a 3 Star Scout will produce a White, Bronze or Silver Ball player. Furthermore, when combining Scouts, the average Star of the combined Scouts will always be rounded down. Therefore when combining, for example, two 4 Star Scouts with one 3 Star Scout the best case scenario will be a Silver Ball player.

Top Player PES 2018 Scout Combinations

With the introduction of skill based and playing styles added there are now more combinations to pick up your most desired players. However, these new scouts can only be obtained in the auction. For each of PES 2018’s top players we’ll list what we think is the easiest combination to obtain them.

PES 2018 Scout Combinations Forwards

Player Overall Rating Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3
Lionel Messi 94 Barcelona RWF
Cristiano Ronaldo 94 Real Madrid Portugal
Luis Suarez 92 Barcelona Uruguay
Neymar 91 Paris Saint Germain Counter Attack (Attacking Styles) Flip Flap
Zlatan Ibrahimovic 90 Sweden Scoutch Move
Gareth Bale 90 Spanish League Wales
Robert Lewandowski 90 Poland Fox in the Box
Antoine Griezmann 90 Atletico Madrid Long Range Drive
Arjen Robben 89 Free Agent Left Foot Rabona
Gonzalo Higuain 89 Juventus Goal Poacher
Alexis Sanchez 89 Arsenal Flip Flap
Eden Hazard 89 Chelsea Rabona

PES 2018 Scout Combinations Midfielders

Player Overall Rating Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3
Luka Modric 89 Real Madrid Classic No 10
Arturo Vidal 88 N/S American First Time Shot Defensive Prowess
Toni Kroos 88 Real Madrid Build Up
Mesut Ozil 88 Arsenal Marseille Turn
Paul Pogba 88 Man Utd Low Lofted Pass
Andres Iniesta 87 Barcelona 30+ Classic No. 10
David Silva 87 Man City Heel Trick
Sergio Busquets 87 Barcelona Anchor Man
Radja Nainggolan 87 Roma Outside Curler
Thiago Alcantara 87 Free Agent Centre (Attacking Area) Heel Trick
Isco 87 Spain AMF Flip Flap
Kevin De Bruyne 87 English League AMF Early Cross

PES 2018 Scout Combinations Defenders

Player Overall Rating Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3
Sergio Ramos 88 Real Madrid Header
Giorgio Chiellini 88 Italy Physical Contact Extra Frontman
Leonardo Bonucci 88 Italian League Lofted Pass Heading
Marcelo 88 LB Marseille Turn Frontline Pressure (Defensive Styles)
Thiago Silva 88 CB Sombrero
Jerome Boateng 88
Gerard Pique 87 Barcelona Extra Frontman
Diego Godin 87 Uruguay Captaincy Centre (Containment Area)
Matt Hummels 87 CB 25-29 Year Old Cut Behind and Turn
Andrea Barzagli 86 Juventus Centre (Attacking Area) Acrobatic Clear
Filipe Luis 86 Atletico Madrid 30+ Frontline Pressure (Defensive Styles)
David Alaba 86 Austria Weighted Pass

PES 2018 Scout Combinations Goalkeepers

Player Overall Rating Scout 1 Scout 2 Scout 3
Manuel Neuer 94 Germany 30+ Catching
Gianluigi Buffon 89 Italian League Right Foot Clearing
David De Gea 88 Man Utd Clearing
Jan Oblak 88 Spanish League Slovenia
Thibaut Courtois 88 Chelsea Defensive Goalkeeper
Hugo Lloris 87 Tottenham Left Foot Offensive Goalkeeper

Top Players in myClub by Attribute

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