PES 2018 Reveal – Coming in May?

Is the PES 2018 Reveal Imminent?

It has been strongly hinted that the PES 2018 reveal will come sooner than later. A combination of cryptic tweets and times of previous new PES releases indicate that PES 2018 will be revealed sometime in May. That means we will have confirmation, and potentially a few details, of PES 2018 in the next couple of weeks!

The Tweets

Adam Bhatti, PES Global Product and Brand Manager, has put out a couple of intriguing Tweets which has got PES fans excited and already speculating. His first Tweet that alluded to the future of PES came back in late April and was rather vague but did at least confirm there is a future for PES.

Fast forward to 14/05/17 and we now have a date in May being teased. This of course doesn’t guarantee a PES 2018 reveal but certainly suggests it is more than likely.

If you’re a PES fan and believe the hype then “this year is going to be special”.

PES 2018 Details

As with every new edition of PES there is an array of features that fans want added, removed and/or adjusted. Let us know what your most wanted changes are for PES 2018 on our Social Media channels! Here is our PES 2018 wish list:

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