PES 2018 Patch – Gameplay Changes

PES 2018 Patch

PES 2018 got off to a flying start and received widespread praise for its realistic, yet fun, gameplay. However, as the game gets played more and more slight faults in the gameplay become apparent. As a result we are now nearly two months beyond the initial PES 2018 release date and a PES 2018 patch is now becoming needed. There are more obvious ways than others in which a PES 2018 patch could improve gameplay and we are going to list them here.

PES 2018 Cursor Change

In a recent poll we conducted on Twitter it was clear that cursor change, or “player switching”, was the element of gameplay that needed to be patched first. Cursor change in PES 2018 caught PES players by surprise as it had never been a problem until PES 2018. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact problem with it but most PES players agree that it is unresponsive and when the cursor does change it is often to the player it wasn’t intended to be changed to. Unfortunately this is the type of issue that can cause needless goals to be conceded. The good news is Konami have confirmed cursor change is at the forefront of a PES 2018 patch that has been confirmed for this month. That begs the following two questions though. What else needs to be changed and will there be any other gameplay changes in the upcoming patch?

PES 2018 Referees

Fouls are correctly called on PES 2018. Bookings however, are not. Referees are too lenient when it comes to giving yellows and rarely, if ever, give red cards. There are certain yellow card fouls where the referee only gives “a talking to”. Referees warning players should be reserved for light fouls and not ones that enable play to be broken up semi-intentionally. The bigger problem transpires when it comes to red cards though. From our experience it is only possible to get a red card when sliding into a player from behind when clean through on goal. This of course should be a red card but there fouls that occur in the middle of the pitch that don’t get red cards when they deserve to. This allows you to slide recklessly throughout the game without the fear of getting a red card. It diminishes PES 2018 for two reasons: play can be stopped without any real punishment and it takes away the excitement of not knowing whether you’re going to get sent off. In short, referees need to become stricter when it comes to giving both yellow and red cards.

Gameplay Speed

Gameplay speed is something that is unlikely to be patched. There are PES players who have requested this but the majority are happy with the speed as it currently is. Preferred gameplay speed is always something that is going to be subjective and therefore difficult to please everyone. For those who don’t like it you can make it slower or faster in the in-game gameplay options.

Other Gameplay Patches

There is no feedback we’ve received which suggests there is anything on the level of cursor change that needs to be patched quickly. If there is anything else you think should be patched contact us on our social media channels below.


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