PES 2018 Passing Ratings – Top 10 Players

PES 2018 Top Players

The full release of PES 2018 is just days away now. We’re going to go through each of the top 10 players by the main attributes. These will include passing, shooting, physicality, defence, speed and dribbling. We will also discuss how accurate we believe these ratings are. Our first attribute will be the top PES 2018 passing players.

PES 2018 Passing – Top 10

Here are the current top 10 rated passers in PES 2018. These can be subject to change throughout the season.

Player Club Overall Rating Passing Rating
Toni Kroos Real Madrid 89 95
Luka Modric Real Madrid 89 94
Mesut Ozil Arsenal 87 94
David Silva Man City 86 93
Andres Iniesta Barcelona 86 93
Cesc Fabregas Chelsea 86 93
Diego Maradona myClub 98 92
Sergio Busquets Barcelona 87 90
Miralem Pjanic Juventus 86 90
Thiago Alcantara Free Agent 86 90

Source: PES Master

Are the PES 2018 Passing Ratings Correct?

Generally these ratings for passing in PES 2018 seem accurate. A fair amount of football fans would agree that Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are the two best passers in football.

Lionel Messi

However, there is a glaring omission from the top 10. Lionel Messi has been given a passing rating of 88. In reality he is arguably the best passer of the ball in the world. The only logic behind this rating could be in an effort to not make him overpowered.

Premier League Players

Two other omissions from the top 10, albeit barely, are Kevin De Bruyne and Christian Eriksen. These two got 18 and 15 assists respectively and were both in the top 5 for assists across all of Europe. These facts alone warrant a higher passing rating. The most underrated player for passing in PES 2018 might have to go to Gylfi Sigurdsson though. He has an insanely relatively poor passing rating of 80 despite finishing 5th place in Europe for assists.


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