PES 2018 Gameplay Review from E3

PES 2018 Gameplay

The big one – PES 2018 gameplay. Licenses, new modes and everything else aside, PES fans want nothing more than top quality, realistic gameplay. This has been voted time and time again as the most important element of a PES game, and rightly so. The current build of PES 2018 can change, as previous games have, so gameplay may change between now and then. With that being said we’re going to discuss the gameplay from the build that was available at E3 2017.

PES 2018 Gameplay Speed

Early impressions indicate a refined version of PES 2017. There is enough change to be able to boast a marked improvement but enough similarities to maintain the base of the very popular PES 2017. The most notable difference is the speed of the gameplay. This has been reduced to create greater realism. On paper reducing the speed of the gameplay might sound like a recipe for a less exciting game but PES 2018 appears to have achieved this without sacrificing the enjoyment of the game.

PES 2018 Dribbling and Player Speed

One of the main flaws of PES 2017 was the difficulty of being able to dribble around a defender, specifically in a straight line. Anytime a striker was ahead of the defender, the defender would manage to get their body across and win the ball. This would hold true even with players like Ronaldo vs an average defender. Basically, physicality was overpowered in comparison to speed. PES 2018 has resolved this and it is clear dribbling is now a more effective tool. It is important to note that this hasn’t been done in a way where players can round an entire team or in a way that’s even close to being unrealistic.

PES 2018 Crossing

A lot of PES 2017 players complained about the overpowered crossing whereby if you spammed cross eventually you would find a goal. There was almost a disconnect between crossing and the header itself where it would feel almost predetermined if the ball would be headed in. Gameplay footage for PES 2018, and reviews from people who were there, indicate this is no longer a problem. The feedback has been crosses work at a more appropriate rate.

PES 2018 Set Pieces

To the delight of many PES fans set pieces have been completely reworked. This includes corners, free kicks and penalties. The main change is the removal of the guideline which made set pieces, namely free kicks, too easy. At the moment you are able to click the shooting bar multiple times to get the desired power. We believe this removes some skill making free kicks too easy and removing the feeling of reward when you do score. There is also a new camera angle for free kicks, as shown below. Finally, corner kicks and free kicks now offer further freedom for both the attacking and defending teams.

PES 2018 Free Kick

PES 2018 Free Kick Camera

PES 2018 Overall

For those who love the fact that PES is based on having to build up play and pass the ball around to be successful, don’t worry. PES 2018 maintains the realism of needing to build up play but has also given you the option to dribble where it is appropriate to do so. It appears it has taken one step further in the ultimate goal of simulating a world class football match. Early indications are PES 2018 will more than live up to the hype – September can’t come soon enough. Stay tuned for more PES 2018 details.

PES 2018 Screenshots

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