PES 2018 Dribbling Ratings – Top 10 Players

PES 2018 Top Players

PES 2018 has officially been released worldwide. We’re going to go through each of the top 10 players by the main attributes. These will include passing, shooting, physicality, defence, speed and dribbling. We will also discuss how accurate we believe these ratings are. In this article we look at the top 10 PES 2018 dribbling players.

PES 2018 Dribbling – Top 10

Here are the current top 10 rated players for dribbling in PES 2018. These can be subject to change throughout the season.

Player Club Overall Rating Dribbling Rating
Diego Maradona myClub 97 99
Lionel Messi Barcelona 94 96
Neymar Paris Saint Germain 91 96
Eden Hazard Chelsea 90 96
Isco Real Madrid 86 95
Arjen Robben Free Agent 89 94
Marco Verratti Paris Saint Germain 88 92
Thiago Alcantara Free Agent 86 92
Douglas Costa Juventus 85 92
Paulo Dybala Juventus 87 91

Source: PES Master

Are the PES 2018 Dribbling Ratings Correct?

When it comes to dribbling ratings some people get confused between that and speed. Dribbling constitutes a player’s ability to keep possession of a ball whereas speed simply measures how fast a player is.

Diego Maradona vs Lionel Messi

Konami have given Maradona extremely generous statistics. They’ve done this to the point he is actually rated three higher than Messi on dribbling. Either way Maradona and Messi rightfully own the one and two ranks for dribbling on PES 2018.

Others Equal to Messi

Neymar, Hazard and Isco also share the same dribbling rating as Messi – 96. It may be a little far fetched to suggest they should be equal but they are certainly deserving of being ranked some of the best dribblers on the game. They all have different styles of dribbling but each are incredibly effective.

Questionable Ratings

Verratti and Ibrahimovic are two of the world’s better footballers. However they have been given respective dribbling ratings of 92 and 88 in PES 2018. When you compare this to players like Mahrez (88), Di Maria (88), Willian (88) and Dembele (87) their dribbling ratings seem a little exaggerated.

PES 2018 Speed Stats

You can find PES 2018’s top 10 players for speed here:


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