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PES 2018 COM Playing Styles

PES 2018 sees the introduction of new scout types within PES myClub. These include scouts that denote a player’s playing style, player skills and as this article highlights PES 2018 COM playing styles.

PES 2018 Scout Combinations

These new scout options will allow you to hone in on specific players with greater ease. Including a COM playing styles scout in your PES 2018 scout combinations, when done correctly, will get your most desired players in your myClub team. For your convenience here are all the PES 2018 COM playing styles for all black ball players:

Scout Grades

The strength of the myClub scouts is determined by the number of stars that scout is. This ranges from 1 Star to 5 Star with the latter naturally garnering better players. Each of these scouts allow the following players to be acquired:

  • 1 Star: White ball – 40-69
  • 2 Star: Bronze Ball – 70-74
  • 3 Star: Silver Ball – 75-79
  • 4 Star: Gold Ball – 80-84
  • 5 Star: Black Ball – 85+

It is important to note that a 1 Star Scout can only produce a White Ball player. On the other hand a Black Ball Scout can provide anything from a White Ball through to a Black Ball, not just a Black Ball player. For example, a 3 Star Scout will produce a White, Bronze or Silver Ball player. Furthermore, when combining Scouts, the average Star of the combined Scouts will always be rounded down. Therefore when combining, for example, two 4 Star Scouts with one 3 Star Scout the best case scenario will be a Silver Ball player. For the players included in the matrix above 5 Star scouts will be required.

PES 2018 Black Ball Scout Combinations

We list what we think are the easiest black ball PES 2018 scout combinations here:

PES 2018 Player Skills

To compliment the table of PES 2018 COM playing styles we have also put together the same for player skills. Combine these scouts for even greater accuracy when trying to get a specific player. The table for PES 2018 player skills can be found here:


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