PES 2018 Beta

For many years now PES fans have wanted to be able to test PES online before the full release. Fortunately this will become a reality with the PES 2018 beta. The PES 2018 beta will be released on 20th July and will be available until 31st July. It will be online only.

Beta vs Demo

Many PES fans are confusing what the differences between a beta and demo are. This PES 2018 beta is purely for testing online. There have been connectivity issues for some players over the years and the PES 2018 beta appears to be Konami taking the initiative in an attempt to iron out any issues pre-release. Moreover, as it is a beta it will not be a reflection of the final game code. In fact Adam Bhatti has actually stated it will be the same game code used at E3. This is the first PES beta that has been released with previous pre-release versions of PES all being demos. Demos are a reflection of the final and are (close to) the final game code. Demos are used as a marketing tool to entice players to buy the full game after, hopefully, displaying a quality game.

PES 2018 Beta Details

As mentioned above the PES 2018 beta will be online only and will run from 20th July to 31st July.


It will be available on both the PS4 and Xbox One, not PC. Furthermore, if playing on the PS4, having a PlayStation Plus membership will not be required to play the PES 2018 beta. Xbox Live Gold will be needed however if playing on Xbox One.


Two teams will be available to play with: Brazil and France.


Both the traditional 1v1 quick match and the new 3v3 online co-op modes will be available. If you missed PES 2018 E3 then the new 3v3 online co-op mode allows 3 people to have control of the players on one time against 3 other players controlling the players of the other team. There will also be a 2v2 version in the full game.


There will be the option to play the games during the night or day.


The only stadium available to play in will be the Neu Sonne Arena.

PES 2018 Gameplay

Here is our opinion on the PES 2018 gameplay from E3. This is the same version that will be used in the beta.


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