PES 2017 Teams Full List and Licenses

PES 2017 Teams Licenses

Konami have announced official partnerships with Barcelona, Dortmund and Liverpool, therefore we can look forward to these three teams being displayed in all their beauty. Other PES 2017 teams such as Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, France and Germany are all licensed and therefore will have the official badge, kits and team names. Unfortunately there are some glaring omissions from this year’s edition of PES. Teams such as Juventus, Bayern Munich, Man Utd and Real Madrid are all missing and will therefore need to be created using downloaded kits.

Are Licenses Important?

In most aspects, no. Konami and EA will always try to get as many licenses as they can but it can be argued they are irrelevant, especially in recent times because licenses can attract non loyal fans of the product to buy the game. However, there are two main reasons why licenses aren’t that important:

  1. Gameplay should always supersede artificial components such as kits, team badges and the team name.
  2. Secondly, with the emergence of data edit on PS4 you can completely counteract the lack of a particular license in no time at all.

Due to this, and as eluded to the introduction, edit mode has been created on the PS4 to counteract Konami not having certain licenses. The Premier League is the biggest omission, and this can be solved in very little time. Savvy PES fans will of course point to the fact that custom leagues, kits and players could be created on previous versions of PES but it is now easier to do so. In short you can take already existing leagues, teams and players on PES 2017 and edit them to reflect the missing licenses. Furthermore, prominent PES communities actually provide various leagues’ kits, emblems and managers to make the process even easier for the PES 2017 teams.

PES 2017 Teams Full List

Here is the full list of PES 2017 teams:

Premier League (English League)

PES 2017 Teams - Premier League

As can be seen Arsenal and Liverpool will have the correct team name, kit and badge without any alterations. The latter are one of the three with an official Konami partnership. Consequently some will be disappointed to see Man Utd now appearing as Man Red again; this is because they have signed an exclusive deal with EA.

Championship (English 2nd Division)

PES 2017 Teams - Championship

La Liga (Spanish League)

PES 2017 Teams - La Liga

Barcelona are there, official and one of the three Konami partners; it’s nice having the best team in the world official! Elsewhere Atletico Madrid are licensed also. There will be a lot of questions over the omission of Real Madrid but don’t fear they are just one kit away from being essentially licensed. Similar to Man Utd, Real Madrid are now a partner of EA.

La Liga 2 (Spanish 2nd Division)

PES 2017 Teams - La Liga 2

Serie A (Lega Italia)

PES 2017 Teams - Serie A

All Serie A teams are licensed, with the exception being Juventus. As a consequence Juventus are in the same boat as Real Madrid whereby EA have exclusivity over them.

Serie B (Italian 2nd Division)

PES 2017 Teams - Serie B

Ligue 1

PES 2017 Teams - Ligue 1

Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 are fully licensed hence the full list of teams.

Ligue 2

PES 2017 Teams - Ligue 2


PES 2017 Teams - Eredivisie

Another fully licensed league is the Dutch League, Eredivisie.

Primeira Liga – (Portuguese League)

PES 2017 Teams - Primeira Liga

The only two teams licensed in Primeira Liga are Sporting Lisbon and Benfica which means Porto are not.

Other European Teams

PES 2017 Teams - European

There are less European teams in comparison to last year such as Galatasaray, Zenit and obviously Bayern Munich. We can see for the first time however, that Dortmund are in PES and they’re an official partner.

AFC Champions League

PES 2017 Teams - AFC Champions League

Konami have made a concerted effort to expand their pool of teams in recent years. This includes all teams from the AFC Champions League which is the Asia’s version of the Champions League.


PES 2017 Teams - Europe

The usual European national teams are included in PES 2017 but this year France and Germany are licensed from the outset. In contrast to this, some teams from Europe did not have the correct player names, whether this applies to PES 2017 has not been confirmed yet.


PES 2017 Teams - Africa

Similar to Europe, teams such as Ghana didn’t have the correct player names whereas Ivory Coast did. The player names for African teams in PES 2017 have yet to be confirmed.

North and Central America

PES 2017 Teams - North and Central America

South America

PES 2017 Teams - South America


PES 2017 Teams - Asia Oceania

The images of the PES 2017 teams list was taken from the Konami PES 2017 website:

Note: this list is still subject to change.

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