PES 2017 myClub Scouts and Auction

myClub Scouts – What’s a Scout?

myClub Scouts are a new feature in PES 2017 which allow you to target specific players. In PES 2015 and PES 2016 signing players within myClub was totally random for the pool of players an Agent offered. Top Agents and Special Agents are still a part of PES 2017 but the scouts now allow you to take the random element out of the equation.

Different Types of Scout

There are several different types of scout. Each of these can only be used in any given combination of scouts once:

  • Position
  • Ability
  • Age
  • Club
  • League
  • Area (Continent)
  • Nationality/Region
  • Stronger Foot
  • Favorite Tactics
  • Height (cm)

myClub - Types of Scout

Scout Grades

The strength of the myClub scouts is determined by the number of stars that scout is. This ranges from 1 Star to 5 Star with the latter naturally garnering better players. Each of these scouts allow the following players to be acquired:

  • 1 Star: White ball – 40-69
  • 2 Star: Bronze Ball – 70-74
  • 3 Star: Silver Ball – 75-79
  • 4 Star: Gold Ball – 80-84
  • 5 Star: Black Ball – 85+

It is important to note that a 1 Star Scout can only produce a White Ball player. On the other hand a Black Ball Scout can provide anything from a White Ball through to a Black Ball, not just a Black Ball player. For example, a 3 Star Scout will produce a White, Bronze or Silver Ball player. Furthermore, when combining Scouts, the average Star of the combined Scouts will always be rounded down. Therefore when combining, for example, two 4 Star Scouts with one 3 Star Scout the best case scenario will be a Silver Ball player.

myClub - Scout Grades

In this scenario the accumulated stars is equal to 10. As there are three scouts we divided 10 by 3 which gives us 3.33. As a result this was rounded down to 3 and therefore the highest player we can obtain is a Silver Ball (3 Stars).

Auction – The Basics

Auctions for various scouts are always running. The auction process for myClub PES 2017 consists of two rounds. The first round allows anyone to place a bid but it is visible to everyone else. It should be noted that if there is only one bid in the first round then there will be no final round and that one bidder will win the Scout. Also, all bids other than the highest bid in the first round will be refunded to the bidder. Whether the winning bid or not, anyone that bid in the first round is eligible to participate in the final round.

The final round differs in that each person eligible to bid can only do so once and that bid is not visible to others. In the event two people bid the same it will be the person who bid first that wins the Scout. Once again all bids other than the final winning bid will be refunded.

myClub - Scout Menu

Auction – Optimising on Price

Nobody wants to spend more GP than necessary. There are a few subtle ways to optimise on the GP you spend. As a lot of myClub players can testify GP can sometimes be tight so not wasting any is imperative. Here a few tips that can save GP over the long term:

  • Don’t pay over the odds – there are several agents throughout the day and week
  • Don’t get into a bidding war – this only allows more people to enter the final round
  • If you really want a Scout put in a firm bid early in the first round to scare others off
  • Don’t pay for an expensive Scout when there are more optimal combinations to get the player you wish

myClub - Auction Price

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