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Lag Cheaters

It’s everyone’s number one hate when it comes to PES and it’s our number one hate too. It has been going on a while and the PES community has been more than vocal about how they feel.

A lot of you think Konami aren’t taking online cheating seriously – wrong, they are. It is actually a top priority for Konami and they have assigned dedicated resource to try and stop online cheating once and for all. This doesn’t guarantee the issue will be resolved for PES 2017 but it does show it will be fixed as soon as possible.

Custom League / Cup

When the custom league/cup (Konami cup) was removed from PES it left a lot of fans confused. It was an essential mode for a lot of PES fans as it allowed them to play offline tournaments with friends with ease. There has been growing support for this mode to be re-introduced in PES 2017 and this is something that is currently being considered. If you want this mode back in PES 2017 yourself, be sure to let the community know on Twitter.

Custom League Cup

Free Kicks and Penalties

There are mixed opinions on the current free kick and penalty system. In general the penalty system seems to get more praise than the free kick system though. A change to both, or either, is being considered for PES 2017. If you have any strong thoughts on this Tweet and let us know. The classic PES free kick system has been openly discussed as an option.

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