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PES 2017 – Gameplay Details – Shooting

This series of articles are being written to highlight the improvements needed in PES 2017 based on the most popular fan opinion. We will analyse, in depth, each aspect of the PES gameplay and produce an article for each. These gameplay aspects will include passing, dribbling, set pieces, game modes, myClub and others. For this first one however, we will start with one of the most important – shooting.

PES 2017 – Shooting:

Shooting has been one of the parts of PES that has received the greatest praise for over a decade now. Even back in the glory PS2 days the feeling of scoring a goal in PES due to the shooting mechanics was extremely satisfying. Of course the feeling of shooting has changed two console generations later but it is still revered. The biggest change between these generations is the introduction of the “finesse” shot which essentially is a placed shot. This has added an entirely different component which has generally been received as an important introduction and is now a must have feature.

Today, the general consensus is the shooting is still enjoyable and rewarding. The main issues at this point are the limited range of shooting motions, trajectories if you will, and the seemingly fixed positions a player needs to be in to increase the chances of scoring. I will elaborate on each.

Even in 2016 it still feels that are limited types of shots you can score with, or at least the majority of goals come in particular shot styles. The far post smash from the diagonal and the finesse pass into the near/far post do feel very repetitive. It isn’t even so much the fact these are the types of shot you can score with, as of course these are very common shots to score with in real life, but each goal has the same feel attached to it. The ball often goes in the same area of the goal and is kicked in what appears the same way too. Additional variation in the form of ball placement, whether that is coming off the post, going wide, going more centrally where it is saved/parried, or being placed higher in the goal, is required. The smash has the same issues whereby it often goes in the same place, the roof of the net a yard or two inside the post. Sometimes hitting the ball over/wide, at the keeper or even a miss-hit would keep it fresh.

As is an issue with all football games, players will naturally seek the position to give them the highest chance of scoring. Unfortunately this is often not based on skill but the in-game mechanics whereby players will figure out the games code that allows the highest chance of scoring. In PES 2016 nearly all goals are scored with the players’ body directly facing the goal. To an extent this is an accurate representation of real life, however, there are times when a player can be facing the goal at a perpendicular angle or even have their back to goal and find the back of the net. On PES 2016 it doesn’t seem possible at all to score these goals – think of Jesse Lingard’s recent goal against Chelsea. There needs to be a trade off between encouraging players to create the correct body position to score a goal, as they would in real life, and giving the game variation. PES players want the game to be skill based yet have that classic Pro Evolution Soccer randomness too.

Here is a video which I feel sums up the feeling PES fans should feel when they score:

If this can be integrated into the latest generation of games the shooting will go from very good to masterful.

Another example of scoring goals with a sense of fulfillment, this time on the third generation consoles:

If a combination of these types of goals, along with that bullet shot feeling and the points made above can be implemented then PES 2017 can’t come soon enough!

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