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Online Divisions – Missing an open goal

For those who don’t know Online Divisions is the standard ranked online play of PES 2016. You accumulate points for wins (and draws) and after a 10 game season you will either get promoted, relegated or remain in that division. There are 12 divisions, point accumulation depends on what team you are (worse teams generate more points) and the amount of points required to be promoted/relegated depends on the division you’re in. Simple but enthralling.

The ease in which you can score goals on myClub, or even worse concede them, isn’t apparent in Online Divisions. Goalkeepers are at the standard you would expect them to be, or at least close to it, as games tend to average near on four goals. As a result Online Divisions truly reflects how great the PES 2016 gameplay is. That, and the addictiveness of attempting to maintain a good ranking will always keep you entertained.

Unfortunately here comes the big however. Online Divisions is great, fantastic, the best football gaming experience ever – if you are Bayern Munich, or at very least a 5 star team. If you are one of those wanting to play with any of the 100s of teams that are 4.5 stars or less you will undoubtedly be paired with Bayern sooner, rather than later. The problem with this is the differential in quality between them and the rest of the teams is giant. Regrettably it isn’t like previous versions, where through disciplined play and technique you can overcome them; it is a case of Bayern’s players are able to bundle through challenges, burst past at will and spam shots that are unstoppable. This of course is compounded by the fact that Robben, Lewandowski and Muller are all on the red arrow from the latest live update.

Bayern, and the other 5 star teams are good, extremely good, but definitely shouldn’t be unbeatable. At the moment they are very close to being so. Either in a update or in next year’s PES, there needs to be a feature to facilitate users being able to pick weaker teams, even 3 stars and less, without the fear of being matched with a 5 star team and having the game ruined before it began. Some users may want to play with a big underdog, a lot don’t. An option in the matchmaking settings that states “match a team with the same stars as mine” is all that is needed. Let one portion of fans have their El Classicos and let us have our Ivory Coast/Ghana, Japan/South Korea and various other rivalries in peace!

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