PES 2011 Team Rankings and Stats

PES 2011 – Team Ratings Not Clear

The hexagon is still the only determinant for PES 2011 team ratings. The only measurement of team ability there is, is via the radar on the team selection screen. This shows a nominal rating of offense, technique, physicality, defence, tactics and speed. It is only based on comparing this radar (the size of the resulting hexagon) that we can attempt to determine how good each team is comparatively. Being able to observe the differences between teams is difficult as the hexagon is small as it is due to the resolution. On top of this there is often very little between each ranking, i.e. the difference between 5th and 6th may be minimal, and as such these rankings aren’t 100% accurate. Furthermore, there could also be discrepancies based on whether you rate defence, offense or speed as the most important factor. Finally, it isn’t clear whether these pentagons are based on the default starting 11 or the entire squad. If it is in fact based on the starting 11 only then this will explain why Brazil are so lowly ranked. With all this said we rank the top 20 PES 2011 teams below.

PES 2011 Team Rankings


  • Barcelona
  • Spain
  • AC Milan
  • Real Madrid
  • Inter Milan


  • England
  • Man Utd
  • Chelsea
  • Argentina
  • France


  • Brazil
  • Arsenal
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Liverpool


  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Juventus
  • Man City
  • Roma

PES 2011 Player Ratings and Stats

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