PES 2009 Soundtrack

PES 2009 Soundtrack – Music

Lots of Music in the PES 2009 Soundtrack

Similar to PES 2008, the PES 2009 soundtrack actually has 60 songs on it. Not all of these are included in the game by default though; as a result we’ll list the tracks that appear in various modes in the game, including the top menu, Master League, edit mode and the highlights.

Top Menu

  • People Power
  • All About The Money
  • Straighten Out
  • Today Somehow
  • Play

Master League

  • On Time/All Mine
  • Big Shoes
  • Echoes In My Head
  • Do It Again
  • High stakes


  • Road to the best
  • Prophet of win
  • Spirtual Dance

Become a Legend

  • Hero For A Day
  • We’re Allright


  • Bring it On
  • My Epiphany

Edit mode

  • Like A Dance
  • Be Your Answer


  • Super Saviour
  • Prepardness
  • Get easy
  • The game moved
  • The level