PES 2008 Soundtrack

PES 2008 Soundtrack – Music

Lots of Music in the PES 2008 Soundtrack

Unbeknownst to a lot of PES fans, the PES 2008 soundtrack actually has 59 songs on it. Not all of these are included in the game by default though; as a result we’ll list the tracks that appear in various modes in the game, including the top menu, Master League, edit mode and the highlights.

Top Menu

  • Go to the goal – Aimee Blackschleger
  • Chase That Dream
  • Hit ’em Harder
  • Thru Passion
  • Let’s Get Crazy

Master League

  • Dream Team
  • Champion of the World
  • Rock The Sweeper
  • Eyes Crossed
  • Kick it!
  • No Lookin’ Back
  • Use Your Head

Edit Mode

  • Uni–corn
  • Phunkadelic Fantasy
  • Missin’ You
  • Football
  • Futebol Soccer Goal


  • Bongo Wango
  • Scream
  • Hit The Ground!!
  • Long Time Odyssey

Link to the main PES 2008 theme song: