myClub in PES 2016: What Needs To Be Fixed

myClub got off to a good start in PES 2015. A “good” start because it was received positively by the PES community but did have elements that were clearly in need of fixing.

The Transfer Market:

The Problem: There is no method of being able to buy specific players and the players you have can only be sold for a very small price.

Resolution: Introduce some form of transfer market where specific players can be bought and sold. The prices of each should reflect how popular a player is, in turn this will result in a greater variation of players. A player to player transfer market is also an option. Many players are complaining about not being able to select specific position when purchasing a player, this would remove that also. This is discussed at greater length here:

Managing Your Squad:

The Problem: Putting players in and out your squad is very time consuming because of the way the menus have been set up. Renewing contracts is also frustrating as once again this takes time to do with the amounts of clicks you have to do and you are limited to only renewing each player for 10 games at a time.

Resolution: Change the system so that players can be switched with greater ease. Regarding the contracts offer the ability to renew for 10, 25 or 50 games at a time with a small discount for 25 and 50.


The Problem: Strategy is entirely dependent on the manager you select, this is very restrictive on each our football genius minds. Each manager will have a set formation and tactics meaning you can’t edit them. Tactics such as attacking from wide/centre, number of players forward, offside trap and support range cannot be changed.

Resolution: Allow complete freedom in formation changes; if this means removing the manager option then so be it. Allowing each individual tactic to be changed in game and as frequently as a player wants is also paramount. More options allowing greater control of your team would be an excellent addition also.

Other Issues:

Lag Cheaters: You may have noticed we aren’t the biggest fan of lag cheaters. It must be stopped in PES 2016. Either remove the facility that allows them to do so or have a filter where you have the option to not play anyone who disconnected more than once in the last 50 games, etc.

Loading Times: Nobody wants to see the establishing communications, checking network connection, etc etc. Make the transition between screens far quicker and smoother.

Suspensions: If a player likes to hack when someone is through on goal or is foul happy they need to be punished in future in the form of suspensions.

Competitions: Overall players seem to be a big fan of the competitions and rightly so. The only way to improve them we can think of is to increase the match length earlier in the competition and have some competitions which have a different qualifying format, a straight cup competition might not go a miss!

Balancing The Teams: Of course this a major issue which has to be fixed. We discuss it here:

General Gameplay: There will always be ways to improve the gameplay, thankfully it is already superb but we discuss how it can be improved here:

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