myClub in PES 2016: Balancing The Teams

The Problem:

I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m tired of playing a team with a combination of Ronaldo, Zlatan, Robben, Bale, Ramos and the other usual suspects. Unfortunately this has become a far too frequent occurrence on PES 2015 and as a result is killing the concept of myClub. Making your own club should be a rewarding process where you can buy specific players who you are a fan of, regardless of ability. At the moment you have no choice but to field the very best team you can in order to remain competitive.

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Everyone started off with the most basic of teams, a squad full of players rated anywhere between 60 and 70. The early birds who bought the game on opening day had the luxury of a UEFA Team of the Year player but all in all the teams were balanced. Fast forward to now and the majority of players can boast a world XI that can put the galacticos of Real Madrid to shame.

This is an issue for two reasons:

1) It isn’t fun playing the same players over and over again

2) For anyone who is starting or has started a myClub team recently they have 0 chance of being able to win

What Caused This?

Simply put the necessity to have the best players to be able to get close to Division 1 is what has caused this.

Needing something and getting something are two different things though. The fact that the best players on the game are too common means they have been made available too easily. Whether this is from users purchasing GP and myClub coins or the players appearing too often in black balls via special agents or the normal top agents, they are clearly too easy to acquire.

How to Solve This?

myClub is in its first year and as discussed it is understandable as to why PES 2015 has this problem. However, it is important to learn from these mistakes and make sure they don’t happen again in PES 2016.

There are two main ways this problem can be solved, some more complex than others, here are three ways to do so:

1) Have a quota on the quality of players you are allowed in your team:

 For example your squad can be made up of any rated players you want but your team (first 11 and subs) must be made up of a maximum of:

  • 4 players rated 80 or over (Black ball)
  • 4 players rated 75-79 (Gold ball)
  • 4 players rated 70-74 (Silver ball)
  • 5 players rated 69 and under (Bronze ball)

Of course this quota can be modified but the principle is clear; limit the number of elite players. This will result in a more balanced game when it comes to the players, a greater number of players being used and most importantly will stop players relying on the elite to win matches – cough, Ronaldo, cough. This is our personal favorite as we feel this would show who the better players are. People want to use the exciting up and coming players like Bolasie but simply cannot afford to at the moment in order to remain competitive. Others, and rightfully so, will want to challenge themselves and play with a wider variety of players.

2) Making the team spirit far stricter:

Currently all these world XI teams are also complimented with ridiculously high team spirit ratings (90+). Not only is it easy too easy to obtain a high team spirit but you can actually increase it simply by playing games with the current set of players you have. Whilst this is realistic to real life whereby players will bond better over time it is annoying, and more importantly detrimental, to the myClub experience.


The team spirit system needs to be more intricate. It is unrealistic to think a team consisting of Ronaldo, Messi and Zlatan can have anything but a poor team spirit, this currently is not the case. Players with more individual based skills will generally be less compatible with others in terms of team spirit. On the other hand players such as Iniesta and Pirlo should be more likely to generate a higher team spirit. This shouldn’t be the decisive factor though, there should also be factors that are calculated between two individual players. Examples of these could be experience of playing with each other previously, style of play, whether they complement each other well, i.e. one is a passer and one is a dribbler (Iniesta and Messi) or even if one player has excellent crossing ability and the other is a good finisher (Di Maria and Van Persie).

This would add the element of truly having to think about your team as opposed to just picking the best 11 possible.

Of course there are other methods of solving this problem such as doing a points based league where the higher rated teams receive far less points for winning or by having a finite number of each player depending how many teams are registered in myClub online.

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