More Information for PES 2015

Konami has released new information for the upcoming PES 2015. They revealed PES 2015 will feature an entirely new shooting system in addition to expanded passing options. Konami have said there is now a “variety of unrestricted shooting styles.” With reference to the passing, specifically these expanded options will be when delivering the final through ball to the striker.

Additional information includes, whilst more vague on the detail, goalkeeper intelligence has been improved, as have one-one battles (not that they need improving!) and there is now apparently a complete dribbling overhaul. If the latter is in comparison to PES 2014 everybody will be very relieved.

Finally, there will be more than 1,000 players to be re-created for PES 2015 as well as variation in the crowds whereby they will be more sensitive to what is occurring in game.

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