How to Get The Highest Team Spirit in PES 2016 myClub

If you have PES 2016 team spirit has become very important to you. Team spirit is myClub’s measurement of how well your team work/gel together and therefore has a direct impact on your team’s results. It is measured from 0 to 99.

It is determined by the manager you select and how well your players suit his style of play. Each manager has a set of instructions they play to which includes factors such as pressuring, attack areas, build up and defensive styles. The more of your players that concur with each of your managers’ instructions the higher team spirit you will have. You can either select a player that already follows the managers’ tactics or you can build up your players to follow tactics by playing games. Team spirit will also be affected by the players suitability for the position they are selected in.

A manager’s familiarity with a team will also affect the team spirit. The greater the managers’ familiarity percentage the greater the team spirit. A manager’s familiarity rating is dependent on their leadership, which results in the manager starting off with a higher percentage, and their adaptability, which will result in their percentage increasing at a faster rate.

A high team spirit will result in the team working together more effectively; this will cause the team’s standard to raise even when individual player ratings are lacking.

It should also be noted that if you are using the squad’s three preset tactics feature in a match, whereby you can alter your tactics/formation during the game, that there will be a different team spirit for each preset tactic.

Team spirit is not like chemistry within FIFA Ultimate Team. The big difference between the two is you can grow your team spirit in PES 2016 whereas in FIFA your teams’ chemistry is already pre-determined.

There you have it… enjoy your myClub victories!

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