Goalkeeper Controls - PES 2017

Goalkeeper Controls – PES 2017

Are goalkeeper controls too hard to include?

Effective goalkeeper controls have always been something football games have struggled with. How they work hasn’t really changed even since football games were introduced. It is has been an element of gameplay that seems to have stumped the likes of Konami and EA for years.

As it stands goalkeepers are primarily controlled by the computer. Shots from close range, long range and free kicks are completely controlled by the computer. The same can be said for crosses/corners. When in possession of the ball goalkeepers are controlled like any other out field player except after a save where you have the option to throw the ball out short or kick it long. The only saves that are human controlled are from penalties.

Goalkeeper Controls - PES 2017

There have been few suggestions as to how users can be given more control of goalkeepers thus far. Let’s talk about some potential options.

Option 1:

From PES 2015, Konami introduced a feature where goalkeepers can be controlled. There are some players that implement this but generally it is ineffective and more importantly doesn’t look realistic. It involves manually switching to your goalkeeper using the cursor control and then predicting which side the shot will go to. Unfortunately this doesn’t involve a dive but actually shuffling the goalkeeper over to the desired side; this is what causes it to not look realistic.

A similar, upgraded system could be made as option 1. A lot of players don’t know how to switch to the goalkeeper so a universal button, maybe L3, to change to the goalkeeper would be the first step. From there a system would need to be created where you can make the goalkeeper dive effectively and realistically. This would include maybe an element of pre-empting which direction the shot would go and being able to choose between a low, medium and high dive. Obviously this would be a major change to the game and would take some getting used to.

Option 2:

Having to switch to control of your goalkeeper every time you want to make a manual save might not really feel like an option to some. Another way user controlled saves could be implemented is by having an option to control your keeper as soon as, or just before, a shot is taken. This could be done by using the right analog stick using the following controls:

  • Flick right analog stick in the direction you want the keeper to dive causes a semi committal dive in the selected direction
  • R3 + flicking the right analog stick results in a fully committed dive either way
  • Not clicking anything results in the computer taking full control as is currently the case

A fully committed dive would be a very interesting addition as it would allow users to save shots they’re able to predict but at the same time it would add an extra element for attackers as they could go for a near post strike when in PES 2016 it would be a far post effort every time.

Other options:

If you have any opinions on this or your own ideas how a user controlled goalkeeper system could be made then feel free to tweet us or write a post on our Facebook page!


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