FIFA vs PES – Why are FIFA Players Reluctant to Move to PES?

FIFA vs PES – Why Aren’t FIFA Players Converting?

There is an undoubted reluctance among FIFA players to move over to PES. This is despite PES 2017 receiving near unanimous praise from both gaming websites and fans alike. When it comes to the FIFA vs PES debate we are of course going to be biased. However, with that being said when it comes to gameplay, namely how exciting and realistic a representation of a football match it is, PES 2017 is far superior to FIFA 17. Graphically, especially during the match itself, we believe PES has the advantage but there are plenty who differ with this opinion. FIFA does have the edge when it comes to the crispness and speed of menus which is an important factor to some. Finally, FIFA has a big advantage when it comes to licensing. According to VGChartz FIFA 17 sold 16.81 million units globally across all platforms. This is in comparison to PES 2017 which sold 1.13 million units. This is an astounding difference considering the aforementioned reviews. Moreover, it numerically highlights the reluctance of FIFA players to switch to PES, or perhaps even give it a try. We’re going to discuss some of the reasons which contribute to this reluctance.


In the FIFA vs PES war, FIFA have always won the licenses battle. Bridging the licenses gap is something that is out of Konami’s control due to EA’s monopolisation of these licenses. A lot of FIFA fans prioritise being able to play matches with the official league logo, club logo, etc. As a result this is one section of FIFA fans that will always have the reluctance to try PES no matter how good it is. This does have the potential to change though as the PS4 versions of PES offer the ability to import badges and kits which is essentially the same as playing with all the licenses. Once FIFA fans become more aware of this and the process of importing continues to be streamlined then it may be plausible for this section of FIFA fans to move over to PES.

Menus and Loading

The one thing FIFA does have is excellent menus and loading times. On the other hand PES does have a good looking, modern menu system but can be frustrating when it comes to load times. Anything that involves online often requires a two or three second delay with “establishing communications”. Despite this difference it isn’t likely the menus and loading times contribute to the reluctance of FIFA players trying PES; at least not on any notable scale.

Ultimate Team vs myClub

Ultimate Team has been a tremendously successful game mode for FIFA. To not be able to play Ultimate Team is enough to rule out a FIFA player transitioning to PES. What those players likely don’t know is that myClub is almost an equivalent mode of Ultimate Team. Of course there are differences but many football video game fans prefer myClub. On top of this it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to get a decent team on myClub!


There are still ultra loyal FIFA fans that claim, or even believe, FIFA gameplay is superior to PES. The ultra loyal FIFA fans aren’t going to change over to PES and that’s ok. However, there are some FIFA players who simply listen to this narrative and as a result won’t try PES. It is these players who need to be made aware that when it comes to excitement and simulating a professional match of football that PES is the leader. Naturally there is a transition period when going between two games in the same category. This would hold true with someone switching between COD and Battlefield, and vice-versa. It is important that when someone is trying a PES game for the first time that they give it 10 or so games to acclimatise to be able to appreciate the realism and fun PES brings to the table.

Loyalty to FIFA

Similar to many PES players, there are some FIFA players that are so loyal to the brand that no matter how superior PES could become they won’t change allegiances. This is natural whenever a brand is involved especially when loyalty to that brand could have lasted well over a decade. This is the section of FIFA players that will be most difficult to get to convert over to PES.

FIFA vs PES – Will FIFA Players Ever Move to PES?

Right now EA have a big lead in the FIFA vs PES war for football game dominance. Many would vehemently argue this isn’t true but unfortunately the defining statistic is total video game sales and not subjective quality. There a few key things that can be done to lessen this gap. Since the introduction of the PS4 and Xbox One, Konami have improved PES massively year on year. Continuing to listen to fans feedback and a concerted effort have paid dividends in the form of PES 2017. We can only expect further improvements resulting in the best football game ever when PES 2018 is released. One of the unavoidable stumbling blocks in FIFA vs PES is the licenses. The best way to counteract this is to make sure FIFA players know the new import system makes the lack of licenses in PES completely redundant. Lastly, if you are a PES fan and have friends that play FIFA, introduce them to PES. Take this one step further and make them play more than a few games so they can become used to the changes between the games which they will undoubtedly end up enjoying. It is combination of the above that will enable PES to make up further ground in the football video game market.

PES 2018

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