eFootball PES 2020 – What We Know So Far?

But before we start, here is what every single PES fan around the world wants to know about eFootball PES 2020. The demo is coming on July 30th and its release date is September 10th.

Now I personally loved PES 2019, I thought it was a great edition of the game, but it’s getting increasingly difficult to play at the moment with all the exciting news coming out day by day.

In this article I’m going to let you know what has been confirmed and what you can expect from the upcoming edition of Pro Evolution Soccer – eFootball PES 2020.

Before we delve into this, if you haven’t already seen it, check out the Full E3 Trailer below.

eFootball PES 2020 Partnerships

How else am I supposed to start this off then? There is no other way, the new partnerships!

Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich – all will be fully licensed with each stadium included. This is massive for PES as these are three of the biggest teams in the world, with a huge following.

I would expect this to bring back avid PES fans, as well as bring over some new fans that haven’t really given PES a shot, or much of a chance anyway. Each team has had a lot of their squads 3D scanned and I have to tell you, they look awesome, as do their home grounds.

Master League Reinvigorated

Konami have boasted that they are going to offer a revamped Master League. This is great news for me personally, but I also think this will be great for everyone in general. Master League is a huge game mode in the PES series, and admittedly, it definitely needed an update. Well, apparently we are going to have it!

At the moment there isn’t too much detail from Konami about this yet, but what we do know is there is going to be playable Legendary managers, such as Johann Cryuff and Diego Maradonna, with a possibility of more to be announced. You are still going to be able to create your own manager. There is to be an overhaul on the transfer windows with a new algorithm system to further replicate real life so we get more realistic transfers, contracts and transfer fees.

As well as this, there is a brand new dialogue system that puts you further into the game, allowing you to respond and make an impact on gameplay itself. All interactions will be dynamic and will reflect on every win, loss or draw.

Maradona PES 2020 Master League

New Mode: Matchday

This is a brand new game mode for PES 2020, which should capture all the emotions when it comes to football rivalries. This is aimed to coincide with real life derby matches.

Match Day will allow you to choose a side to be on in particular derby days and play out against the opposition side. You will be competing with other players, old and new, against the other side ultimately finding out which team will come out on top! “Join a side and be the difference that matters in Matchday this September.”

Matchday - PES 2020 new mode

Visually Stunning

Visually the game is stunning! I cannot stress this enough, but you already know this if you have looked at the screenshots, as well as gameplay videos that will come further on in this article.

There has been 3D scanning of Stadia, the crowd has been improved and are said to have reactions that are “jaw-dropping.” Again there is the Dynamic Lighting System which was impressive in PES 2019, but again this has improved further.

A quote: – “If you want to play the beautiful game, PES 2020 is undoubtedly the most beautiful way to play it.”

PES Is King of Gameplay

This for me is the main reason I have played every game of the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The gameplay is what sets this game apart. eFootball PES 2020 is set to be the most true-to-life edition so far. Konami have implemented a new “Finesse Dribble” system which is an advanced technique to keep the ball close to the players’ body and give you the ability to take players on and go in and out of defenders. To counter this they have also added “New Ways to Defend” in which your defending will be more effective in ways that you haven’t seen before in the PES series. They have added new sliding tackle animations, more realistic animations when clearing the ball with the players head. Not only that, you will be able to commit intentional fouls for them desperate moments where you just cannot afford to concede.

Konami have also added a new Trapping system, in which all players will have their own techniques, which will depend on their abilities. The players will have enhanced intelligence when a ball is inbound and will trap the ball in ways that will also depend on the situation itself. This would even include a “no touch” trap, so that players are able to create space by opening up their bodies and letting the ball run across them enabling the ability to create space.

To add further realism to the game, Konami are now implementing what they call “Context-sensitive kick accuracy”. Now, depending on what pass support you play on, there was a lot of ping-pong passing in previous PES releases – that is said to be no more! You will find it increasingly difficult to make blind passes and reverse passes depending on situations and of course individual skills of that player you are controlling. This will also impact the shooting mechanics in the same way. Player posture and balance will be taken into consideration for these kinds of play, and shooting will be affected likewise.

Improved ball physics will work hand in hand with this also which will contribute to deeper gameplay and greater realism, this will allow the more gifted players to anticipate the ball and how to deal with trapping and how they take their first touch. Players that like to play with all the technical stuff, skills, back heels, flicks and tricks will also benefit from the new ways the ball can be manipulated with various parts of the players’ feet and control the ball better than ever before.

There is also a new Inspire Characteristic which is enabled by the new adaptive player interaction system. This will allow players to see player personalities with greater realism than ever before. The new system will not only show in the player you are controlling, but his teammates as well. Players that are accustomed to dribbling and going on solo runs, will have their teammates spread out to create space for these runs, whereas a player that is known for his passing abilities, his teammates will position themselves to receive passes and move to make a pass easier.

There has been a number of new specific abilities added for more realism and individuality of players also.

  • Aggression – Players with this ability is more likely to close down space and players on the ball and try to win the ball more aggressively.
  • Tight Possession – Players with this skill will use the finesse dribbling system and play much more intricate football and use skilful techniques to out manoeuvre their opponent.
  • Through Ball – Players with this skill will have the ability to complete those defence cutting passes to play a striker through on goal.
  • Long Shot – Players with this ability will have better accuracy and success rate when shooting from distance.

More Legends Incoming

If you watched the gameplay links you will notice that the Legends are back! This is always a positive, who doesn’t like to play as players like Ronaldinho? – Now on PES 2020, not only will you be able to play as him, but you will be able to play like him!

There will be a host of new Ronaldinho-inspired animations in PES2020 that will enable you to move like him, pass like him, shoot like him and win like him. You will also be able to use some of his showboating first touches, such as the chest and back controls.

With eFootball PES 2020 still over a month away from its official release, there is still plenty of time for more exciting announcements. The hype for PES is big every year but this edition might be particularly special.

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