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Edit Mode PES 2017 – Classic Teams

Edit Mode – The Game Changer

With all the features and hype surrounding PES 2017 you’d be forgiven for forgetting about the new and improved edit mode. The announcement of official partnerships and improved game modes has resulted in the overhauled edit mode flying under the radar. It certainly shouldn’t because when PES 2017 is in the books, edit mode is what will be looked back on as the biggest change. It should be noted the enhanced edit mode is only available on the PS4. Konami did want this to be available on Xbox One but unfortunately this wasn’t possible.

What Does Edit Mode in PES 2017 Offer?

As per the official PES 2017 website the edit mode will enable you to share the teams and player you create. You’ll be able to do this by using a USB stick. Data sharing will be available across regions thus allowing European users to share with users in the US or Asia. The process has also been sped up allowing you to do import all the data in one batch. Furthermore, when it comes to editing kits, you’ll be able to adjust how high the team name and squad numbers display on the shirt as well as reducing the image resolution in order to upload more images.

What Are The Possibilities?

The most exciting aspect of the new edit mode is the ability to seamlessly copy custom made teams and players. This means that classic teams from the past, alternative teams from today or even your own personal team from a Saturday afternoon can not only be created but shared instantly. Creating teams, and more so players, can be a very time consuming process, even when you know the specific settings for each.

These classic teams will be available for free from across the PES community. We’ll keep you updated with where to find the best ones.

Here are some examples of classic teams you can import on PES 2017:

  • Man Utd 98/99
  • Brazil 02
  • Real Madrid 02/03
  • Arsenal 03/04
  • AC Milan 03/04
  • Inter Milan 07/08
  • Barcelona 08/09

Barcelona Classic Man Utd Classic Milan Classic

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