Confession of a PES Lag Cheater

A very honest and fascinating confession of a PES lag cheater. We’ve all come across them but this player has opened up as to why he chose to be one. Note: this is a direct quote, the only edit has been to remove how it is done to avoid encouraging others to do so. See this link “Ban The Cheaters” for our efforts on stopping this completely.

Forgive me father for I have sinned.

Yes I realise I am opening myself up to a (deserved) barrage of insults but I wanted to come clean.

Over the last 2 days I have lag cheated. Around 5-6 times. Why have I done this? OUT OF SHEER FRUSTRATION.

Some background: I had NO IDEA what lag cheating was before this week. If I have ever been winning and suddenly:

‘This match has been abandoned as the connection significantly worsened.’

I honestly assumed that I had just got really unlucky and Konami had screwed me, not the other person. I didn’t realise that players could actually force this action. Then it started to get more frequent. And only when I was winning. So I looked into it here, and yes I see that ‘Lag Cheating’ is a common motherf*cker!

Now before I knew any of this, I loved MLO. I have worked my way up to a rating of around 680 and my team is worth over $300m – so pretty decent I think.

Now that I am aware of Lag Cheating, my game is totally ruined. I seriously fear going 2-0 up in a game because I think, I’m going to get cheated – and yes very often I am. What a joke.

So how do I react? F*ck it, I will do the same. If I don’t get the cash and rating increase for what would have been a win, why should I only take losses?

Yes I realise I am adding to the problem, and innocent people are getting cheated, but how else do I combat it? It’s bullsh*t and the only one to blame is Konami for allowing this disgusting loophole on the game.

It should be that anyone who instigates this takes the loss. There should be a panel to decide at all times. Or even a simple bit of coding that says after 70 minutes, if this happens, the winner is declared based on the current score.

I apologise to the users who I have lag cheated against. I gain zero satisfaction from it. I am a naturally competitve person and hate cheating. I now hate MLO as I realise the rankings are based on a complete farce.

We understand this players’ frustration but don’t take the same action he did, it will only worsen the problem. Fix the problem by sharing the username of the player that cheats you with us as well as telling Konami. If we complain enough times they will be forced to take action. A cheater will never prosper.


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    Was lag cheated yesterday by a certain ‘ciroitalia’. Block him, like I did.