PES 2019 News

PES myClub will bring you all the latest PES 2019 news. This will include general PES news, myClub news, information about updates, news within the PES community, news about future releases and rumors within the PES community.

PES 2019 Master League – An Honest Review

PES 2019 Master League

PES 2019 Master League Having been a die-hard PES fan for over 15 years now, I have seen the franchise, and more specifically, the Master League mode, change drastically over those years. It has culminated at a point, where, here in 2018, PES 2019 Master League is merely a shadow …

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PES 2019 myClub More Details Announced

PES 2019 myClub Details

The PES 2019 full reveal came over two months ago now. Whilst we know PES 2019 myClub was an inevitability details up until now remained sparse. The PES 2019 World Tour Finals brought about new PES 2019 myClub information. We discuss these announced features here. PES 2019 myClub – Featured …

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PES 2019 E3 Round Up Details

PES 2019 E3 Round Up

PES 2019 E3 has come and gone which means PES 2019 is starting to take shape. E3, along with the initial reveal and other snippets of PES 2019 announcements, makes up what we know about PES 2019 so far. Here we round up all the PES 2019 and specifically PES …

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PES 2019 Gameplay – What Needs Improving

PES 2019 Gameplay

PES 2019 Gameplay Most Important Factor With PES 2019 officially announced the hype train is gathering momentum. All the talk is about what myClub will entail, what licenses Konami have obtained and how far can the graphics be pushed with the latest gaming hardware. However, all of these factors pail …

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PES 2019 Leagues – Licenses Revealed

PES 2019 Leagues

PES 2019 Leagues Announced When PES 2019 was initially revealed there was a promise of new authentic leagues. Two weeks later and we have¬†7 PES 2019 leagues announced with a further two promised. Konami may have lost, or forgone, their Champions League license but appear to be making every effort …

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PES 2019 myClub Improvements Needed?

PES 2019 myClub Improvements

PES 2019 myClub is Official With the recent announcement of PES 2019 being released on August 28th, PES 2019 myClub is official. Every year PES fans expect a better product. As a result we discuss the PES 2019 myClub improvements that are needed. As the PES 2019 reveal is so …

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PES 2019 Full Reveal

PES 2019 Full Reveal

PES 2019 Full Reveal The PES 2019 full reveal has come and gone. The reveal didn’t produce any substantial details but did offer enough to get us excited about PES 2019. Details about graphics, gameplay and new features in PES myClub were all included which we list and discuss below. …

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PES 2019 Leaked Details

PES 2019 Leaked

PES 2019 Leaked For those of you watching El Clasico last night you will have seen that PES 2019 has essentially been confirmed. Eagle-eyed PES fans will have noticed the PES 2019 logo in various press conferences before El Clasico also. The advertising boards at the Nou Camp stated “PES …

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