PES 2016 News

PES 2016 Online Divisions

PES 2016 - Online Divisions

Online Divisions – Missing an open goal For those who don’t know Online Divisions is the standard ranked online play …

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PES 2016 – Data Pack 1

PES 2016 - Data Pack 1

The first data pack is scheduled to be released tomorrow. It is expected to be available at 11:00 UTC – …

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What to Expect from the First PES 2016 Patch

PES 2016 - Patch

UPDATED: PES has been released worldwide for a month now. It has received glowing reviews from all media outlets, and deservedly …

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PES 2016 – No Licenses? No Problem.

There are a group of people who remain adamant they will not play PES because they don’t have the licenses …

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PES 2016 Soundtrack Revealed

PES 2015 - Music Revealed

The PES 2016 soundtrack has been revealed. 13 tracks have been announced which include the famous Queen anthem “We Will …

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PES 2016 Demo Review – The Gameplay

PES 2016 Demo

The PES 2016 demo was released last week and has received the highest praise from just about everyone that has …

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PES 2016: Demo, New Cover Star and Konami beats EA

PES 2016 is officially released on the 15th-18th September depending where you are from. The demo however, will be available …

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myClub in PES 2016: The Gameplay

By this point I think we all unanimously agree that PES 2015’s gameplay is superior to FIFA 15’s. PES 2015 …

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PES 2016 Announced – Early Details

PES 2016

PES 2016 has been officially announced, it will be the game to mark the 20th anniversary of the Pro Evolution …

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