myClub is the revolutionary game mode in PES where you can build your own team. It was first introduced PES 2015. In PES 2016 it has sky rocketed in popularity. Use agents and myClub coins to build your own team and compete against other players from around the world. You can purchase agents through myClub coins or GP which are obtained from competing in matches or purchasing them through the myClub store. Build your team to suit your strategy and impose your tactics and team spirit to create the best team in the world.

myClub Legends on PES 2016: Latest Details

myClub Legends

What do we know about the myClub legends so far? Roberto Baggio will be the main player featured of the myClub legends. It has now been confirmed there will be additional legends. These include Roberto Carlos, Filippo Inzaghi, Luis Figo and Oliver Kahn. They will be available on 17th December. The stats …

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PES myClub – El Clasico Agent

El Clasico Agent

It is the biggest game in world football this Sunday (21/11/15) Real Madrid vs Barcelona, El Clasico. To celebrate this weeks’ agent will be “El Clasico Heroes” and will enable you to obtain all current Real Madrid and Barcelona players as well as players featured after Data Pack 1.0 who have …

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GIVEAWAY: UEFA TOTY Player, Neymar and More

PES 2016 myClub Giveaway

Congratulations Mauro Santos, you have the won the code. Please private message us. More giveaways coming soon! This is our first giveaway of PES 2016. We are giving away a code that will entitle you to a UEFA TOTY player, Neymar on loan, 10,000 GP for 10 weeks, 10 recovery …

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myClub Coins Now Available

Where to purchase myClub coins

myClub coins are now available for purchase. You can do this via the main menu on myClub and clicking myClub Store. Within here you can also check your myClub coin balance, increase player slots and create additional scout slots. Pricing for myClub coins is as follows: 100: 0.79GBP  250: 1.99GBP  …

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How to Get The Highest Team Spirit in PES 2016 myClub

team spirit

If you have PES 2016 team spirit has become very important to you. Team spirit is myClub’s measurement of how well your team work/gel together and therefore has a direct impact on your team’s results. It is measured from 0 to 99. It is determined by the manager you select …

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myClub in PES 2016: An Introduction

myClub Experience Points

Check out the video below to see the basics of myClub in PES 2016. Mostly it is similar to myClub in PES 2015 but there are a few key changes including trainers, manager differences and the concept of experience and therefore players leveling up. Here is our first match on myClub …

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