myClub is the revolutionary game mode in PES where you can build your own team. It was first introduced PES 2015. In PES 2016 it has sky rocketed in popularity. Use agents and myClub coins to build your own team and compete against other players from around the world. You can purchase agents through myClub coins or GP which are obtained from competing in matches or purchasing them through the myClub store. Build your team to suit your strategy and impose your tactics and team spirit to create the best team in the world.

PES myClub 2017 – myClub Teams Too Easy?

myClub Teams

Are Creating Good myClub Teams Too Easy? There are a lot of PES players who don’t feel they get black balls frequently enough. As a result they aren’t happy with their PES myClub 2017 team either. We are going to analyse whether a team full of gold balls and/or black …

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myClub Leagues – Why They Are Needed

myClub Leagues

myClub Leagues – Different Wants from myClub There are two contrasting opinions from PES fans in regards to the structure of myClub. One set of fans want myClub to be an avenue to create the best team possible, full of superstar and legend status players. The other set of fans …

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Barcelona Legends Available in myClub PES 2017

Barcelona Legends

FC Barcelona Legends The Special Agent everyone has been desperate for since release is now available! The El Clasico Heroes Agent does not only include currently playing legends who have participated in El Clasico but Barcelona legends from the past also. The biggest names included are the iconic Ronaldo (R9), …

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Scout Combinations in myClub PES 2017

Scout Combinations myClub - Messi

Scout Combinations – The Basics Here we will provide a list of various scout combinations that will allow you to get the most sought after players in myClub PES 2017. For all of these scout combinations you can assume each scout will need to be the same grade (stars) as …

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PES 2017 myClub Scouts and Auction

myClub Scouts

myClub Scouts – What’s a Scout? myClub Scouts are a new feature in PES 2017 which allow you to target specific players. In PES 2015 and PES 2016 signing players within myClub was totally random for the pool of players an Agent offered. Top Agents and Special Agents are still a …

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PES myClub Black Balls – Are They Harder to Get?

PES 2017 myClub - Top Agent

PES myClub Black Balls – Less Likely in PES 2017? The straight answer is yes, it is harder to get PES myClub black balls in PES 2017. When looking at the bigger picture however, there is little to no difference between PES 2015/2016 and PES 2017. In fact, on PES …

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myClub Bonus Agents – PES 2017

myClub Bonus Agents

myClub 2017 myClub 2017 is now live. There have been a lot of questions about the different the myClub bonus, the requirements and what agents they entail. We will clear this up now. myClub Bonus Agents Early Bird Campaign Special Complete the myClub tutorial mode by 5th October. The bonus will …

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Babangida – How Fast Is He?


Babangida: This week’s special agent is for the 5 legends and Babangida. Babangida, part of PES history, is legendary for his pace – but just how fast is he? Well, officially he has a speed attribute of 99, it doesn’t get any higher than that. His explosive power is also …

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