PES 2017 Negative Ratings

Biggest Negative Changes in PES 2017 Ratings – Top 5

PES 2017 Ratings – Biggest Negative Changes from PES 2016

We recently posted the top 5 players who need their stats changing for the positive the most. Now let’s look at the opposite – the top 5 most overrated players on PES 2016. We would expect all these players’ overall ratings to fall for the PES 2017 ratings.

1) Robin Van Persie

Van Persie has been considered one of the finest strikers in the world now for around a decade. Unfortunately time is catching up with him and as a result he has been a shadow of his former prolific self. Last season’s move from Man Utd to Fenerbahche seems to have only added to his decline.

He has several attributes that have been rated generously. These include attacking prowess, dribbling and ball control. Nobody is questioning his attacking ability nor control of a football but at 92 and 88 respectively these do need to be put down for the PES 2017 ratings. His dribbling is rated 85, which for a player that has never really be considered an elite dribbler is inflated. It is also too high when you compare that to players who base their game on dribbling (Martial and Coman for example) who have a dribbling rating of less.

PES 2016 rating: 90

PES 2017 rating: 82

Van Persie - PES 2017 Ratings

2) Mamadou Sakho

A rating of 86 for a defender that is thought of as highly inconsistent, prone to errors and who possesses poor on the ball ability is shocking. He absolutely has natural physical gifts but this does not mean he warrants such a high overall rating. To put this in perspective Sergio Ramos is rated 90 and Toby Alderweireld 82 – Sakho is not better than Alderweireld and certainly isn’t only four ratings points behind Ramos.

Interestingly his individual attributes aren’t as terrible as his overall rating. The two that jump out are ball control and low pass. Sakho may only have a rating of 72 for ball control but this is still too high. The other attribute that is wrong is his low pass which is 82. This should be rated closer to his dribbling ability which is at 60.

PES 2016 rating: 86

PES 2017 rating: 79

Sakho - PES 2017 Ratings

3) Raheem Sterling

Sterling’s performances last season and during EURO 2016 have been anything but sterling. He has failed to live up to his £49m transfer fee and has rarely gone past players which is his main strength. Given this, an overall rating of 87 is not warranted.

His speed and explosive power are rated 93 and 94 respectively. At the start of last season this wouldn’t necessarily have been disagreed with; now it is different story. Someone who rarely is able to burst round players does not deserve these high stats. Elsewhere his attacking prowess and low pass attributes are also overrated. His decision making in the final third and often lazy hesitant passing should cause each attribute to drop by 10.

PES 2016 rating: 87

PES 2017 rating: 81

Sterling - PES 2017 Rating

4) Bastian Schweinsteiger

There is no doubt whatsoever that Schweinsteiger is a class player who possesses excellent technical attributes – an overall rating of 88 is too high though. His slight decline over the past two or three years only adds credence to this.

Schweinsteiger’s attributes are a strange one because at the very least they are all arguably justifiable. Regardless, 88 is too high of a rating and needs to be adjusted.

PES 2016 rating: 88

PES 2017 rating: 82

Schweinsteiger - PES 2017 Rating

5) Cristiano Ronaldo

Let the controversy ensue. Ronaldo has been one of the best players on PES for years now, and deservedly so. His goal scoring record is undeniably incredible. However, he does have a tendency to produce poor displays and goes missing throughout games. You cannot be a passenger for most of the game and be rated 92.

Ronaldo is similar to Schweinsteiger in that his attributes are once again hard to argue. If you go down the list – attacking prowess, speed, ball control, kicking power, body balance and jump – it’s very hard to make an argument that they shouldn’t be anything but very high. Ronaldo is a good example of perhaps introducing a couple more attributes – maybe team chemistry and consistency being two good ones.

PES 2016 rating: 92

PES 2017 rating: 89/90

Ronaldo - PES 2017 Rating

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