PES 2017 Ratings

Biggest Changes in PES 2017 Ratings – Top 5

PES 2017 Ratings – Biggest Changes from PES 2016

Further PES 2017 news is imminent and there is a lot of speculation already building about how high players will be rated. With that, let’s discuss what players will be rated very differently in PES 2017 compared to PES 2016. Here is our top 5 in order of how big we expect the differences to be when the PES 2017 ratings are released:

1) Marcus Rashford

Rashford burst onto the scene with two goals against Midtjylland in the Europa League in January. He only started because of an injury to Anthony Martial. He then scored two first half goals in his subsequent game at Arsenal which proved to be enough for the three points.

Frankly his statistics on PES 2016 are shocking. It is understandable why they are that low as it was only 6 months ago he really became known. We’d have thought on the updates in between would have been a little more kind however. His only attribute that is rated over 75 is explosive power at 76 – his speed is only rated 73! For the PES 2017 ratings expect Rashford’s speed, explosive power, attacking prowess and finishing to all be greater than 75. His speed attributes could definitely be over 80 too.

PES 2016 rating: 59

PES 2017 rating: 81

Marcus Rashford - PES 2017 Ratings

2) Renato Sanches

18 years old and has already been sold for €35m, in a deal which could end up costing Bayern Munich a total of €80m. Despite this he only has an overall rating of 74. If there was any doubt over his hype and potential then he lay them to bed with his performances and superbly taken goal in EURO 2016.

Whilst not as wrong as Rashford’s, Sanches’ attributes are pretty questionable. The ones that jump out are attacking prowess, dribbling and body balance. These are all in the 70s when in reality should be high 80s. In terms of a combination of explosive power, physical strength and powerful dribbling ability he is arguably one of the best in the world. Expect a big increase for PES 2017 – Bayern just became even stronger.

PES 2016 rating: 74

PES 2017 rating: 87

Renato Sanches - PES 2017 Ratings

3) Anthony Martial

Who would have thought that Martial is only 20 years old? Some people think he was Man Utd’s most consistent performer last season. Whilst his EURO 2016 performances didn’t reach expectations there is no doubt he is an excellent player with maturity beyond his years.

Martial’s PES 2016 attributes aren’t terrible but they certainly deserve a boost. We’d expect to see increases in attacking prowess, dribbling, finishing, speed and explosive power. These are currently all between 79 and 81 – they probably should be high 80s.

PES 2016 rating: 79

PES 2017 rating: 88

Anthony Martial - PES 2017 Ratings

4) Kingsley Coman

Continuing with our theme of exciting young flair based players, Kingsley Coman. He spent last season on the peripheral of the Bayern Munich team where he contributed a lot of great performances. He is currently on loan from Juventus but Bayern have an option to buy him at the end of the loan period for a fee which they will consider a bargain.

Coman’s speed and dribbling attributes aren’t too stingy but once again are on the shy side. Some would consider him to be one of the best dribblers in the world, at least in a one on one capacity, and he therefore should really have a dribbling rating of 90+. Elsewhere his speed attributes could probably do with a small boost and likewise with attacking prowess. His finishing isn’t quite at the level of his ability to get into finishing positions so this should maybe be more reserved in the high 70s.

PES 2016 rating: 78

PES 2017 rating: 84

Kingsley Coman - PES 2017 Ratings

5) Riyad Mahrez

It’s pretty hard to argue that one of the best players in the Premier League shouldn’t be rated at the very minimum of 85. He more than contributed his fair share to Leicester’s Premier League winning efforts with his exciting performances; this was equalled by his consistent end product.

If he is able to produce these kind of performances in what is considered the toughest league in the world, his attacking prowess needs to be at least 90. His ability to make defenders look silly and jink past them with ease warrants his dribbling rating also being around the 90 mark. The other attribute which needs changing is his speed – this certainly deserves to be in the high 80s.

PES 2016 rating: 81

PES 2017 rating: 87

Riyad Mahrez - PES 2017 Ratings

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